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the hobbit: the battle of the five armies

hey guys, its another older post that i’m reuploading but i wanted to give a little post saying that i changed the look of the site a bit. affies are now in the footer of my site, you can subscribe to my posts now and you can view my news archive now as well. i might change my layout later on in the week but i dont know yet, we’ll see how that goes. anyways, here’s the review:

depending on how long you’ve been following me (if you’ve been following me since the sweet-lights days), then you’ll know that i am a massive fan of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit movie series. I loved the first two, did my first ever review on the second movie, and now it is time to once again review a movie!

i had been looking forward to this movie since i finished the last one (because i read the book so i wanted to see how he made it all end). The Battle of the Five Armies was supposed to be named originally There and Back Again, because that is the subtitle of the book but a few months ago Peter Jackson announced that he would be changing the title from that to what it is. some people were outraged and some people, like myself, were happy with the change because The Battle of the Five Armies is a more accurate representation as to what the last film would be about.

And that is exactly what it was about.

First of all for anybody who is going to see the movie, beware from here on out. I’ll try to be as spoiler free as possibe, but there are no guarantees that i will succeed with that.

The Battle of the Five Armies picked up right where it left off in the Desolation of Smaug. The first 10 or 15 minutes of the film was Smaug attacking Lake Town and dying. Then Thorin rejocying because he had his mountain back. All like the book, except I felt that Smaug’s death way to quickly and made it sort of unrealistic to what should have happened.

Basically, Bard is ontop of the bell tower with his son and Smaug is talking to them like “Oh you have no chance against me” kinda thing and Bard just shoots him in the heart with the special arrow thing.

Personally, i’m thinking there that Smaug in that scene was all talk and no game cause he literally did nothing at all. It was quite sad and i wasn’t really impressed with that at all.

Moving on, you all know Thorin? How in the books he’s an insufferable asshole throughout the entire thing until he dies?? Well they FINALLY made him the way he is supposed to be in the last film! That i was very happy with. Except that he was an asshole for like 80% of the film and then they decided to kill him. But if you read the book you know that he was going to die anyways. But the revelation he has on himself going crazy before he dies is absolutely STUNNING! the acting is amazing and the whole scenario of it is amazing!

The next thing i need to talk about is Bilbo. I think i said somewhere in my last review (idk i didnt save it) that Bilbo was useless and stupid in the first film and in the last film he was so much better. Well in the last film he goes back to being kinda useless. He does one good thing to try to get some sense into Thorin and, but other than that he is as useless as a pile of dirt.

Remember that subplot with Gandalf the Grey?? how he went off by himself?? I thought it was a stupid thing for them to add but then in this movie it MAKES SENSE!!! Peter Jackson tied Gandalf’s story up with a nice little bow that leads you onto The Fellowship of the Ring PERFECTLY (if your all watching them in order that is).

Its really hard for me to not say anything that happens because its just so good that i want to talk about it all the time! I messaged my boyfriend when i got out and i only said one thing that doesnt even seem to spoilery (cause he read the book, or so i thought he said he had) and he just went “Stop” (he hasnt seen it yet).

overall, i would probably rate it a 8 out of 10. it was in fact very good and everything, just when you thought it was all over there comes more thats even worse than what had happened before.

the thing that is stopping it from being higher rated is Bilbo to be honest. I mean, at the end when he returns to the Shire you can tell he’s developed, but other than that and doing the thing with Thorin he isn’t really needed in the film to many times.

oh & Tauriel. she is useless. the make-up on the Evles this time around doesnt seem as good as the other movies.

i hope you all go out and see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies because it is truly an amazing movie! for all of you who read this and have absolutely no idea what i am talking about, here is the trailer!

happy watching!

– Alyssa

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