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must-haves to feel great this year

hey readers! (this is an older post i felt like re-posting)

i know this post comes 14 days late of the new year, but i spent a lot of time debating if i was going to make this post or not. but then i decided that the site needed an update anyways so i might as well make this. i would have made a video blog for this if i had my camera on me. but i forgot my camera in my room at school and since i dont go back until the 19th, i figured i would just type all of this out.

anyways, here’s what is gonna be going down:

  • 2015 must-have products that will make you feel AH-mazing!
  • what to look forward to in the new year (music, movies, etc.)

lets start with the beauty products, right? (click on the name of the product to see what it looks like):

  1. Beautiful Day Superfruit 2-in-1 Body Scrub ($14.00 Bath & Body Works): i got this the week before christmas with a buy 3 get 3 free sale just to try it out. i had already bought my presents so i figured i would treat myself to something from my favorite scent. i used it for the first time last week or so and i fell in love with it. not only because it is my favorite scent but it leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and smelling nice. its rough to the skin, which i like because i can really scrub and make sure that i get off dead skin. i also have a really bad patch of dead skin on my right elbow and when i scrub really hard i get off a lot of skin off and it makes my elbow look healthy and nice instead of ugly and dry. also, instead of using my acne-wash, i’ve been using this instead and its been making my skin feel nice.
  2. Beautiful Day Ultra Shea Body Butter ($15.00 Bath & Body Works): body butter is basically the same thing as body cream, except ti comes in a little rounded container all whipped and stuff. and its amazing! i’ve used body butters from here before but this one is ultra shea, meaning that it leaves my skin extra smooth and soft. and even though its fraganced, i’ve been using it on my acne-prone face as well and it leaves my skin nice and soft and it doesn’t make my face become all to oily.
  3. Beautiful Day Body Lotion ($12.50 Bath & Body Works): i haven’t been using this all as much anymore since i’ve been obsessed with the body butter, but its not exactly the same thing as the butters. this is exactly the lotion that you’re used to. it makes your skin soft and you can use it on your face (like i do cause i’m stupid and know nothing of caring for myself). i find that this doesn’t moisturize as nicely as the body butter and when i do use it, i typically use it after i get out of the shower with damp skin (usually after i shave to make my skin extra soft)
  4. Frank Body Coffee Scrub (online only): i started using this in the summer of last year and i still love it then like i do now. now they have four different scents you can chose from & a thick body cream as well that is meant to be used after you scrub. with frank, its coffee grinds that you scrub on your body for 5 minutes in the shower and then when you wash it off you can automatically feel your skin smooth as silk. i havent been using this as much lately because i’m in college and i usually leave it at home and use it there, but this is still one of my favorite things to use and it just leaves me feeling sooo good afterwards.

things to look foward to in 2015:

  1. The Avengers – Age of Ultron (May 1, 2015): naturally if you know me, this has to be number one. in the second movie of the Avengers, after S.H.I.E.L.D has fallen to Hyrda, the Avengers must come together to defeat the robot Ultron while trying to not defeat each other.
  2. The 1989 Tour: Taylor is back on tour again after the release of her album 1989 for another world tour. I’m going to this on July 26th at Gillette Satidum in Foxboro, MA and i’m so excited to go and see her again. its been a while since i’ve seen her live and i’m all to excited to see her again.
  3. THE CUMBERBABY: i’m literally so excited for this baby to be born. Benedict Cumerbatch has been wanting to be a father for ages & its finally happening and i can’t wait to see what this child looks like. Sophie is stunning and he is just amazing so this baby will be the cutest little thing.
  4. Supernatural – SEASON 11: i was so happy when season 11 of supernatural was said to be renewed. even though season 10 isn’t even over yet, i love supernatural so much so i’m excited to see what season 11 has in store.

of course this isn’t half of what i am excited for in 2015! this is only what i can think of at the top of my head right now.

but check out the products that i suggest and when there’s a good sale going on, go out and get some! they’ll make you feel amazing and the best you can be.

that’s all i’ve got for now, go check out for new resources and much more by me!

– Alyssa

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