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“#whatisaseahawkanyway #somethingtombradyhunts” – Chris Evans

….. those are not my own hashtags. they belong to Chris Evans (aka Captain America), but i feel like they are appropriate for the day, because…..


but the real action has been on twitter. incase you don’t know already, Chris Evans and Chris Pratt have turned their Super Bowl rivalry into an awesome bet for charity. if you need a laugh, here’s the rivalry, straight from twitter:


all was quiet on the home front, but the internet started having a ball with this….:


and then this morning, with this gem from Chris Evans:


i dont know what the point of this post originally was, but i’m hoping the Patriots win not only cause i’m a die-hard Patriots fan, but because i want to see Star Lord come to Boston in a Brady jersey. anyways, which Chris are you rooting for? vote below, i’m curious as to see!

Who are you rooting for?

Chris Pratt (Seahawks)

Chris Evans (Patriots)

I don’t care at all

Neither, my team didn’t make it!

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