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The Imitation Game

hey everyone! i hope your all doing awesome and had a lovely weekend/Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day! for the weekend since it was a long one here in the U.S i went to my boyfriends. we took a bus out of Boston at 5:00 but didn’t get to Connecticut until about 8:00 because it was rush hour when we left Boston. stupid idea on our part, but it was the bus that worked the best for us. we had a pretty cute weekend. On Saturday in the morning his mother and I went to a combat workout because he had to do a bit of work in the morning, then him & I visited a couple of his friends and we went to dinner at a local place. (we were supposed to do Habachi but it started snowing like crazy so we had to scratch that…)

When we came back from dinner we watched two movies: Nights in Rodanthe (which is not the film i’m gonna be reviewing) and then we went into my room and watched The Imitation Game, which was just such a phenomenal movie that i’m gonna bore you all and talk about it.

Disclaimer: I do not claim for any of my reviews to be spoiler free. If you do not want spoilers I suggest you do not read my reviews, because as much as I try to be spoiler free, sometimes I can’t help it. In other words, read at your own risk and don’t come crying to me if you read a spoiler. 

The Imitation Game stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the main character Alan Turing and Keria Knightly as the secondary character Joan Clarke. The whole point of the movie is to break a secret German code called enigma and win England the war (World War II at the time). Alan Turing is a mathematician and kind of a genius, but here’s the catch with Alan – he’s a homosexual in a time in England where it was illegal to be one. So not only does he have the pressure of trying to crack the enigma code on him, he also had to hide that and his ‘boss’ of sorts hates his ass and wants it to be thrown in jail.

Benedict Cumberbatch has always been one of my favorite actors. Everyone who’s been following me and knows me knows that. I’ve seen a lot of the works that he’s been in, but this has to be one of my favorite things (Sherlock will always be #1 for obvious reasons). Benedict is extremely good at portraying your typical genius to begin with naturally, but what really got me about this role was one specific scene at the end of the film.

At the end of the film Alan’s homosexuality is discovered and he had two options: take pills to attempt to change his sexuality (aka basically estrogen pills) or death. Obviously he chose the pills. Every female knows what its like to be female. We’re emotional, a lot. So imagine what its like for Alan who has never been an emotional guy before to be emotional. The scene is Joan comes to see him after some years and Alan starts crying and shaking and freaking out, and just seeing Benedict go from completely calm and progressively get into the stage was amazing for me to watch as a fan of him.

Benedict was not the only perk of the film of course. The story of the film was amazing as well. It kept me interested, because I wanted to see how it all ended and what happened to Alan afterwards. This is based off of a true story, but i kept myself from looking up the specifics until after the film so I could be filled in with the information that the film didn’t include.

Anyways, i’m getting quite boring and reached my point I think. Overall, this was a fantastic movie and I highly recommend you to watch it. Thanks for reading. Until next time!


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