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Finals Week Must Haves!

With finals week fast approaching (or already approached, in the case of myself), students are stressed and/or stressing about getting that final exam nailed and out of the way. For most, its about 75% or more of their final grade and can impact if they get the A or get stuck in the B range, like myself. Everybody deals with finals week differently than the next, but I’ve got 5 things that I think a typical college student (like myself) should have by them at all times for finals week. Here are my Finals Week Must Haves!

  1. Easy Mac & Ramen. I eat easy mac & ramen for small snacks now, but during finals week when I am to busy to go down to the market place to get dinner, I live off of easy mac and ramen noodles. I have the small easy macs and ramens when I’m just a little hungry and need a snack, but when i’m hungry I have a large easy mac that I eat.
  2. Coffee and/or tea. To help keep you awake while you’re awake in the early hours of the morning cramming.
  3. Snack food. For when you’re not exactly starving or hungry enough to have a full easy mac. I recommend Oreos, Goldfish, Chips, and possibly cookie dough for when you have a sugar rush. I have a pack of cookie dough that I’ve been saving specifically for finals and when I know i’ll be up late.
  4. Flash cards and highlighters. I had to make one point about actually studying. Obviously if flash cards aren’t your thing then don’t use them, but highlighters help for you to point out the main things you might need to know.
  5. A pair of comfy sweatpants, a t shirt, slippers, and your favorite warm blanket to snuggle in while you’re up at 2 in the morning cramming. Because lets be honest, you know you will be. Don’t lie to yourself, you will be.
  6. Bonus: Tissues. To wipe away the tears. Because you know, finals week. (Had to make at least one sarcastic point).

These are my finals week must-haves, what are yours?

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