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My Summer Bucketlist

Summer is either already here (if your in college like me) or fast approaching (if your in high school) – so its time to make up that summer bucketlist and grab your bestie, your sibling or your man and go out and get it done! Last summer I had a drab summer – it consisted of working, going on a short vacation to Buffalo, NY and hanging out with friends and just doing nothing really exciting. But this year I’m working to change that, so i’m hoping that maybe if I make a list for myself i’ll be motivated to go out and have a fun and exciting summer! Here is my short little summer bucketlist!

My Summer Bucketlist

  1. Go to the beach at least once a week and get an awesome tan. I did this Summer 2013, go to the beach a lot and get an awesome tan for the first half of the summer. I completely ignored this last summer. Thus my goal for this summer is to start going to the beach at least once a week and get super tan for the whole summer.
  2. Start working out and get fit. I know this probably isn’t going to happen because of just my personality, but hey, its worth a shot.
  3. Go on the Sky Deck of the Sears Tower. I’m going to Chicago, and this is just something I want to do in general. What better time to get it done, right?
  4. Get a picture with the bean in Chicago. Its technically called Cloud Gate, but I call it The Bean cause it looks like one. Refer to this to see what i’m talking about.
  5. Have an awesome 20th birthday bash. Maybe not a bash, but just have an awesome day with family and friends, you know? I’m only 20 once.
  6. Attend New England Patriots’ Summer Training Camp. Cause its been to long since I have been to one.
  7. Spend a day on Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard with either a friend or my boyfriend. I’m aiming for a day on the Cape though, because I haven’t spent a good day on the Cape in a while.
  8. Work on becoming a better and more motivated person. I am the worst motivated person ever and it sucks, so this summer maybe by feeling better about myself I’ll be more motivated to be a better person and become better than what I am.
  9. Get more than halfway through my novel. Because i want to get it done! Its such an awesome idea and its just an idea that is so me that I need to get it done!
  10. Learn to swim. Because believe it or not, I do not know how to swim. I need to learn how to swim but I am probably not going to even attempt to do this.

Whats on your summer bucketlist? Are you planning on doing anything exciting this summer? Sound off in the comments below and let me know!

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