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How to Organize After Moving Out of College

My first year at college, I brought a lot of things that I did not need at all. To many clothes, shoes, towels, etc. that just cluttered up my room and drove me nuts. Now that i’m home, its time to get cracking and organize what I am going to keep packed for move in day and what I am going to ditch! Here is my guide on how to organize after moving out of college!

How to Organize After Moving Out of College

Firstly, I brought way to many clothes with me. Like, I packed about 75% of my wardrobe and I only wore about 25% of it. What I did when I moved back home is go through all my clothes, get some trash bags, and put everything that I didn’t want into those bags. Then I proceeded to donate all those clothes that I didn’t want to Goodwill up the street from me! It gives me a lot of room to get new clothes and it also gives me a good feeling that someone who needs clothes will be able to use mine. Lord knows I have enough for them! I also brought way to many shoes with me. I’m going to do the same thing with the shoes like I did with the clothes: get rid of all my old shoes that are either beaten up and worn out or that I don’t wear at all and donate them. With my jewelry, I am going to put them all inside a small 3 story storage container and just work out of that. I saw an idea on pinterest to buy a small piece of foam and stick earrings in there like that so they won’t move, but I keep my earrings all on their cards anyways. I am also not going to bring back all of my jewelry, just my earrings and a few Alex and Ani bracelets that I like.

Next thing I am going to organize is my bath stuff. I have way to many towels, so I am going to pack separately about 2 or 3 along with 2 or 3 face cloths to wash my face with. I have a couple extra loofas that I am going to pack as well, along with my shower shoes and my caddy with my stuff in it, all ready to go for next year.

My bedding and blankets will stay packed. They don’t fit my bed at home, so I am just going to wash the most recent set used and pack them away and keep them there. My pillows that came with the bedding i’ll be using over the summer for my bed at home. My body pillow and other pillow that I got from Target will be on display on my futon so when I want to watch TV I have something to lean on instead of against the wall.

My printer and coffee maker will stay packed over the summer with all the wires and my K Cups. I may reach in there to grab a tea bag for my morning tea, but everything else will stay packed in their for next year, seeing as I will not be using them at all over the summer. My microwave is going to get a good cleaning and then we will put it in the basement until we need it, because my two roommates for next year have one so I don’t need to bring mine.

Stuff like books and movies will get put away because I hardly read or watched anything at all. My stuffed animals I will put on display on my bed at home and will make them look cute. My laptop I will keep charged, off, and in its sleeve next to my desktop computer. I will probably hardly use the laptop at all, maybe i’ll bring it with me over vacation (but I doubt it).

My ramen, easy macs, and popcorn will stay completely packed in my room hidden away from everyone else. I plan to hoard all of them and not use them at all so that i don’t have to buy any at all for when I go back to school. It saves me money and time. All of my wall decorations like my posters and white board will stay off to the side. Left over toiletries and bath stuff will stay packed for now, though they might come unpacked when the time comes for me to move in again. My mirror will be attached to my door via command strips. The hanging things broke off a little while ago so now even at home, I have to stick it to the door or wall.

Halfway through cleaning, my best friend (who came over to help me) saw the bottom of my closet and suggested that we clean it, because we can pack stuff inside my closet and I was like “Thats an amazing idea!”, thus we cleaned the entire floor of my closet out and proceeded to move my shoe rack and one of my 3 story bins inside of it. I have my scarves and bed sheets for home inside of that bin, because I will not be bringing it with me next year.

That basically seems to cover it. Here’s a before and after (though they may not look to much different):

How did you organize when you moved out?


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    If you put a dryer sheet in the bins with your shetts and towles they will smell nice when you open the bin.

    May 15, 2015 at 10:04 pm
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