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How to Prepare Yourself for Graduation

Graduation from high school is an exciting time for any student. It means that you have completed one part of your life and are going to go on to the next exciting part: college. No matter if you are the oldest, youngest, middle child, it takes a long time to mentally prepare yourself to walk across the stage and realize that your life is going to change as you go on a new journey. Here are my tips on how to prepare yourself (and your family) for graduation.

How to Prepare Yourself for Graduation

Yes, that is me walking across the stage last year at graduation. Why use this picture instead of a stock photo of a cap and tassel? Because this will help me show you how to prepare.

Go in with a positive mindset. It doesn’t matter how you think of it, as long as its positive. It can be “I’m finally going to college I’m so excited!” or “Thank god I’m all done with high school and I don’t have to school anymore!”, the more happy you think of it the better that it will be. I went in with “I can finally start college and move on!” and I was happy through graduation. Sure, I was sad because I wouldn’t be seeing my friends everyday anymore, but it made it better to experience it in a positive vibe.

The same goes for your parents. The more that you show them that you are excited for whats to come, the better that they will feel about everything in the long run. If you show that your excited for everything it will make them feel a thousand times better that you’re feeling pretty good about the whole new experience.

The next is to not worry to much about the future. I am not a good example for this seeing as I worry way to much about the future and how i’m going to live life being in such a competitive field, even though I know that I have plenty of time and resources to help me figure out how I’m going to live and move across country to work. You have time to think about the future, don’t worry to much about it already.

You’ve got 4 years ahead of you where you can figure out exactly what you love to do, college is the time to experiment and make new friends and relationships that will last you a lifetime, so go out and enjoy it!

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