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So You Want to Write a Novel But No One Is Taking You Seriously: Figuring Out the Story

Last week I talked about organizing your general thoughts and how to get serious about actually writing this novel that you’ve had in your head for ages. The first step I talked about was getting all your thoughts down onto the paper for reference. Now its time to actually get down to business and start figuring out the specifics of your story and laying it out so that as you write, you can refer back to it to make sure that all your key points make sense and connect. Here is the second part of my ‘So You Want to Write a Novel But No One Is Taking You Seriously’ series: Figuring Out the Story.

So You Want to Write a Novel But No One Is Taking You Seriously: Figuring Out the Story

Coming up with the story is exciting for any writer, because its an idea that is all your own that came out of your mind! But just because you have an awesome idea doesn’t mean that you can just write it and have it be an awesome story/book/novel, you have to look at literally everything that you want to write and make sure that it all makes sense. For example, if Character A is interacting with Character B in a certain way that will impact the story later on, you need to keep note of that as you write so that later on in the story, the readers aren’t like ‘But what about Characters A & B from earlier?’, it all needs to be consistent and have little to no plot-holes.

Plot-holes? What? Plot-holes: an obvious mistake or a missing element in a book, film, or play. Readers don’t like plot-holes, and believe me they take note of them when they do find them.

One way to avoid this is to note down big events on a separate document whenever you write them, and keep referencing back to it. Now me personally, I don’t do this but I’m going to start. It helps to have notes as to what happens or go even go back and reread your chapters to refresh your memory. That I do a lot, I like to go back and read to make sure that everything still makes sense and refresh my memory.

Now, how do you figure out your story specifically? How do you plan out whats to happen in each chapter? Set it up to a pattern you like.

For example, make the first two chapters sort of introductory chapters. Introduce all the characters, begin to establish relationships. Then start to make small events happen that will lead to the one big event that happens in the middle of your story, or towards the end, which ever you wish to do, and slowly decline it from there after with events still.

For me, I have an event that happens in every chapter. First they are not important of course, but then they get bigger and more important to the overall big climax of the novel (which has yet to be written, but thats besides the point).

Once all the big events get planned out and you have a general idea of how you would like to make things happen, its time to move on and focus on creating your characters, which we will talk about next Friday! Hope you enjoyed this!

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