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How I Found My Blogging Niche and How You Can Find Yours

Blogging is a fantastic way to be able to express yourself and write about things that you love, but how do you find specifically the type of blog that you are? Say that you like a lot of different things, like myself, but you don’t fit in with the biggest niches out there, also like myself. Here is how I found my blogging niche and how you can find yours!

How I Found My Blogging Niche and How You Can Find Yours

Every blog has a certain niche that they belong to, usually reflecting the main things that they will be blogging about. For example, I prefer to categorize myself in the Lifestyle category. What are the niches, you ask? Here’s how I think of them:

  • Mom blogs – advice for moms, written by moms. I’ve seen from Pinterest that they tend to share tips on mom-hood and also share fun activities for kids to do and make!
  • Recipe blogs – I say recipe because these blogs range from actual food to baked goods. My favorite kind to look at, because who doesn’t love food?!
  • Lifestyle – Blog day-to-day life, like my blog. Topics are a variety of different things and often give life advice and advice on how to succeed on the blogging world also.
  • Review blogs – review products, books, movies, tv shows, you name it, they will review it.
  • Make up blogs – Make up tutorials, make-up reviews. These will often go along with fashion blogs, which are next on the list.
  • Fashion blogs – Showcase a lot of clothing, these blogs when successful will often get products delivered to them to wear and get paid to wear them.
  • Book blogs – Review mainly books. They read a lot and review every book that they read, publishers will send them books when they become successful.

So how do you categorize yourself in a niche? The first step is to think about what you will be posting. I post a lot of everything, so Lifestyle is the easiest thing for me to identify as. If you plan to post a  lot of everything, than its easiest to identify as lifestyle.

If you plan to post a lot of food related things, than obviously its best to identify as a recipe or food blog. If your a mom and you want to share you experiences and advice as well as kids actives then a mom blog is where you what you want to be involved in.

The more you connect with other blogs that are like yours, the most that you will be able to place yourself among them and become successful!

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