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One Year of Miss Alyssa Michelle

A year ago today, I decided to start over. I left sweet-lights behind me and let it expire and I purchased a new domain, the one that you are on today. It’s Miss Alyssa Michelle’s first birthday!

Happy First Birthday Miss Alyssa Michelle!

Its been a wild and crazy year. I documented my journey to college with you guys, I made my first Boston Comic Con post, and I had a few changes in CMS over the year, as well as layout. Why don’t you scroll through (what I could find) of memory lane?

Unfortunately for me, when I switched over from FusionNews back to WordPress, I lost all the posts that I had made in between. SO my first EVER post I made on this site I lost, my first EVER Comic Con post is gone also, but I did save one or two posts from the old site and brought them over to here, which is why my archives go back to December 2014.

I remember that my blog was a way for me to express how I was feeling when school first started and no one knew about it. I remember writing a post about how I was aggravated that my now boyfriend (we weren’t together then) was confusing the shit out of me and giving me mixed signals, then I remember a week later writing about how we had finally gotten together. (He is subscribed to my posts, so hi babe!)

As I start to grow as a person, Miss Alyssa Michelle has grown with me, so cheers to another year!

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