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Life gets us sometimes.

And thats okay. It’s okay to completely forget about your blog every once in a while; because it means that you’re focusing on other things. I don’t like to think it’s good to focus on one thing for at least to long. It’s good to drop something for a little bit and move onto something else and come back to it later.

However, it is not okay to make a post saying that you will be more active and then leave your blog for three weeks. Why haven’t I posted? I have no clue. It’s not like I don’t have time in my life to post, because I have plenty of time between classes and homework and social life and going home to work, believe it or not. I haven’t had any damn ideas!

Which is crazy because you think being back at school, I would have thought of something SCHOOL RELATED to post about. But nope. Nothing. Nothing’s really changed from last year to this year school wise except for the fact that socially and mentally, I am doing one-hundred and ten percent better than I ever was last semester.

Oh, I have a story I can tell you! The title is “Life in Room 1A10 with Alyssa and Her Roomies”…. long title, I know.

Generally, it’s been a learning experience living with not just one girl, but two girls. But none of it has been negative! Which is good because I thought it would take a lot of time to adjust to it all. But anyways, life’s pretty good. We all go about our days normally, going to class, lunch, dinner, theater rehearsals (for them, I wish I could join but due to working every other weekend, I decided against it), etc.

It’s when we all get back in the room at about 8:00 is when it gets crazy. By crazy I mean we’re all sitting in our beds and just rambling about bugs having governments, bananas, and our days. My other two roommates often throw things at each other like pillows and sometimes wasabi peas. We like to watch our fish just because its funny watching them get scared of their reflections. I only thought that whole fish being scared of their reflection thing was a Finding Nemo sub-plot, but I guess it does happen to real fish.

In other news in my life, my boyfriend and I make 11 months of dating today, and its crazy that to think at about this time last year I was writing you guys about how pissed off I was that he wasn’t getting any of my not-so-subtle hints. I mean, sometimes he still doesn’t get them, but I have to say, he’s pretty great. We make a year on October 18th and I’ve got absolutely no idea as to what I’m going to get him or do for him yet. I mean, yeah, I’ve still got a month left, so I have time to think about it still.

Anyways, Doctor Who premiers tomorrow night, so I’ll be watching it when I get out of work! I’ll make sure to post a review so that at least there’s content on here that isn’t just my rambling! Hope your lives are a little less crazy than mine!

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