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Why You Need a beautyblender in Your Life

beautyblender vs. target brand

Hi there! This post comes a tad bit later than I thought (one day late. Whoops.) but its here none the less. If you watch beauty bloggers on youtube, there’s a fair chance that ALL of them will use a beautyblender in their videos. beautyblender? What?

Its a make up sponge that is used to blend your foundation or whatever flawlessly. And believe me, this shit WORKS. I’ve only just been in the beautyblender game for probably a little under 2 weeks and i’m in LOVE with mine and I can’t believe I ever bought a store brand before this one.

If your make-up dumb (as I like to call it) like me, you might be thinking “But its a sponge?? And if the other one does the same thing why even bother??” So i’m here to tell you my personal opinion between the two of them. I’ll go over the differences in texture, using it to apply foundation, and cleaning.

Physical and Texture Differences


First let’s take a look at my sponges, shall we? As you can see they’ve seen their better days (the up&up one for sure). They are both relatively small in size, the beautyblender especially. That’s what put me out on buying it: “Really, thats how big it is?” (This was before I found out it goes in water before using it.)

The up&up brand blender is very, very hard. It’s not a soft sponge feeling at all, but the bottom of it is great for applying foundation all over the face with the top pointy end I typically used for getting concealor in places under the eye and around the nose. That one has seen its better days and needed a cleaning ASAP.

However, the beautyblender is extremely soft and spongy, even in a smaller size, but after you submerse it into water like it says, it gets at least double its size and even softer than what it was before.

As you can see, the beautyblender did indeed at least double in size while (despite the picture), the up&up blender basically stayed the same.


Photo Jan 19, 11 48 59 AM

To clean them, I’ve seen online that you can use dish soap, so thats exactly what i used. For each of the blenders i applied a little dap of the soap onto the blender, then again onto my hand, and just rubbed it in for a good while and then put it into the water and squeezed it all out. You can see the results above (because I cleaned them before putting my make up on – originally I wasn’t gonna put any on today).

Thanks to the sponginess of the beautyblender, it was SOOOO easy to clean. It didn’t even take me all of five minutes to get this one entirely clean and dry afterwards and I was so satisfied (this was my first time cleaning it – I was winging the whole thing).

The up&up on the other hand was much harder to clean and there’s still foundation residue left over on the sponge. Even under water it was still very hard and didn’t even soften up, making it very difficult to clean and get all of the foundation out of.

Using to Apply Make Up

Applying make up is generally the same with the two. I used my beautyblender for this just because I don’t use the other one anymore and I was only saving it to do this post. I’m doing this part so that for other make up stupid people like me can tell how someone who doesn’t really know a lot of make up does theres.

I moisturize first and foremost. I use the Devonne by Demi 3-in-1 Moisturizing Primer (you can read my review on the whole set here). It works as both a primer and a moisturizer for sure, but today I decided to follow suit with my smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer (which you can read my review about here), just so I had a little extra hold on it.

I put one small pump of my foundation on the bottom of the beautyblender. I then lightly tap it on my cheeks, forehead, chin, nose, etc. until there is none left on the bottom. Then i begin to tap it all over again to blend in the foundation.

With concealer, I put some under my eyes and on any areas where I have a lot of redness because of acne. Then I also blend that in, turning it over to the point side when I get near my eyes to ensure that I get it all blended very evenly.

This is my result:

Photo Jan 19, 12 08 40 PM

So there you have it! A beautyblender for me is the better choice, but the other blender blends just as well, it’s all about personal preferene.

You can get a beautyblender at Sephora for $20 and the up&up at Target for $4.99

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