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DEADPOOL movie review!

DEADPOOL movie review

Before you go any further, read my statement on spoilers

DEADPOOL IS HERE. I REPEAT, DEADPOOL IS FINALLY FUCKING HERE. Of course s with any Marvel movie, I went to the pre-screening the day before it came out with my brother (this time we brought along my older brother and my boyfriend). I’m gonna state this now, before the cut so that if anyone doesn’t wanna read the review cause they’re seeing the movie can still see it:

If you plan on going to an AMC theater, you need to have an ID on you just in case they ask. Last night when we went, my brothers confirmation code was not working that he printed out online so we went to the guy to have him help us and he asked for all our IDs, then proceeded to say that we needed someone over 21 in our group. My older brother turns 23 today, but he forgot his ID.

They refused to let us in until he went back and got his ID. Luckily for us, we were early so we quickly drove back to my brothers apartment so he could run in and get his ID and then back, getting there at exactly 10:00 (which is when the movie started). We showed him his ID and then they FINALLY told us “If you just showed me this than you would have been fine.” and then told us we also could have just redeemed the code at the stand where the person takes the tickets.

So there’s a PSA: Bring an ID just incase they ask for one and plan to have someone over 21 buy your tickets, or get them online and just scan them where the ticket person is.

Now, onto the review! (I’ll be writing this review in the style of Deadpool, a.k.a a lot of swears)

Deadpool Movie Review

Guys, this movie is as hilarious as it is in the trailers. I can promise you that. It is also well worth the wait that it was to get it.

It’s hilarious. It action packed. It’s inappropriate, it’s gory. It’s wonderful.

If you’re reading this as a pre-thought of “Maybe i’ll take my 11  year old son to see this, but I want to see reviews first,” let me be clear:


Seriously, do not take your child to this movie. There’s full frontal nudity, there’s Wade Wilson having sex at least 20 times in the first 15 minutes, he probably says “fuck” at least 10 times in a sentence. There’s brains and guts and lots of blood. If you take your child to this movie, you will be scarring them for life. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us adults by taking your kid to see this movie and then bitching “Oh my god its so inappropriate!” No fucking kidding, idiot, its rated R for a reason & no, the studio probably isn’t going to release a PG-13 version for your child.

Now that we’ve got that stupidity out of the way, let’s talk about how perfect the character Deadpool is. He’s literally everything you expect it to be, he’s hilarious and his fourth wall breaking comments are amazing.

I can’t think of any other way to describe this besides it’s everything you expect to come out of Deadpool and out of Ryan Reynolds, literally. I mean, in the first 5 minutes you’re in tears from laughter cause the fucking introductory titles are so god damn funny.

The film plot is a little out of order, but it still makes sense. It’s Deadpool in a fight scene telling us everything that lead up to that point, but with fight scenes that he’s in telling us things.


Seriously, the shade is to funny. There’s about 3 D.C shade jokes (one is in the first 5 minutes) and one X-Men shade that’s just to funny to not crack up at.

If you love inappropriate jokes and Deadpool, you’re gonna love this movie. End of story. I’ll be seeing this again.

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