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Just a little ramble.

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted here. And to the very few people who look at my posts, I think that I owe you a little ramble/explanation as to why that might have happened and what I’m hoping to do to change things up around here.

I know that my reviews have been a little all over the place as of late. I wanted to experiment with reviewing different things and trying to find something that I was comfortable doing on here, rather than just ranting and writing about random things that nobody seemed to care about. Truth be told, sometimes it is hard to get motivation to come onto here and write because I can’t think of anything.

For the past month or so, I have been a writer at the online publication called Odyssey. They require articles to be submitted every week, and I admit that along with working all day and night sometimes at my job and trying to have an enjoyable summer, it takes up a lot of my time. I find myself coming on here and making posts that I’m not able to come back and find motivation to write. Just yesterday I came to start this and ended up trashing 2 other posts that I knew I would never get to.

Running a blog at such an exciting and difficult time in your life is hard. I say exciting because college is such an adventure and so much fun, depending on who you spend it with. I say difficult because at the same time, you can be unsure of what you want to do. Career wise for me this is rather untrue, but on here I find it to be difficult to find things to write about that I’m passionate about.

Make up reviews are fun, but expensive. Movie reviews are fun, but I feel like my reviews are awful. Book reviews are fun, but sometimes I can’t find the motivation to read a book to review it. I am officially gonna cut the make up reviews out of the blog and stick to mainly movie, tv shows & book reviews.

This blog is also going to hopefully go back to being a site where I can vent about my day and weekend when something exciting happens in my life. I’ll go back to writing about my experiences at comic con and experiences at concerts and college with a couple reviews thrown in.

To think I started this blog just to document my way through college and how I felt and it’s turned into something that I don’t even know what to do with anymore. I would never shut this down by the way. It’s just as I am growing and figuring out myself, so is the blog.

We’ve all gotta grow up some time and figure out what we want, and i’m working on that. I just hope you all want to stick around with me.

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