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Finding Dory Movie Review

Finding Dory is the highly anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo, and the world is pretty sure that millennials are more excited about this movie than children actually are. People are even sharing memes on facebook telling parents to keep their kids away for the first week of the movie so that they could see it first without children around to disrupt them. That I think was taking it a tad bit to far, but I ended up seeing it probably a week after it came out and IT WAS SO CUTE.

So here is my Finding Dory Movie Review! As always, before you read below please read my spoilers page.

It was definitely more sad than a children’s movie should be. It was a very sad movie in a lot of parts, but it was also funny because of Dory. But parts near the end were extremely sad and a lot of children got mildly confused in my theatre as to why it was getting really sad and I was nearly in tears.

Finding Dory is the story about Dory remembering that she has a family and wanting to find her parents. The title really comes from later about halfway through when Dory gets taken by the Marine Life Institute because they think she’s a sick fish after having a soda link around her neck and Marlin and Nemo freak out to try to get her back.

They recruit the help of two hilarious sea lions who find the help of a really messed up looking bird named Becky who actually is a huge help to them even though she looks really scary and creepy. Meanwhile, Dory finds her way back to her home inside the Marine Life Institute to find that her parents aren’t there.

It gets sad when Dory discovers that her parents hadn’t been seen by other people in a long time and she freaks out and Nemo and Marlin get taken on a truck that is supposed to go to Cleveland. She ends up finding her parents right outside the institute and her family and her two whale friends are able to save Marlin and Nemo and they all go home and the ending is happy.

The movie is still definitely made for children, but it has a lot of adult lessons within it and it was still overall a really cute movie, I recommend this movie to really anybody overall.

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