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Girl Online by Zoe Sugg Review

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg Review

If you haven’t heard of Zoella than you must not use Youtube at all, and you also must live under a rock. She’s got over 10 million subscribers on her channel, her own beauty line as well as a series of books titled Girl Online. The first book came out in November 2014, which is titled Girl Online (obviously) and the second came out a year later titled Girl Online: On Tour. She announced on July 9th that her third book is coming out later this year and is titled Girl Online: Going Solo.

Zoe’s books have been on my reading list for quite a while and since I’ve discovered that reading helps keep my anxiety levels down, I finally bought it from the iBooks Store and gave it a read yesterday. I demolished it all in one sitting.

Before you click below, make sure to read my statement on spoilers here.

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg Review

Since Zoella likes books and reading so much, I knew that this would probably be a very good novel, and I wasn’t mistaken. It seems very much so that Zoe created the main character Penny as a small mirror image of herself in an effort to make her relaeable to others. In my eyes, it worked.

Penny discovers that she suffers from panic attacks, and that helped me relate to her because I get them sometimes as well. She has an online blog in which she shares her opinion with others, just like me. Except she likes to remain anonymous, which is unlike me. Plus, fictional Penny’s blog has got way more viewers and subscribers than this ever will. But that’s beside the point.

The Plot & Characters

I think the way that this book hit it off so great is that Zoella’s audience is a lot of teenagers/young adults that are going through the same things that Penny goes through in the book, i.e out growing her childhood friend, struggling with panic attacks and falling in love and then proceeding to get heartbroken. And when everything falls apart for Penny at the end, you can’t help but feel bad and ache for her.

With that being said that, I feel like bits of the plot were the same over-used stereotypical plot of every teen romance novel now. Girl meets boy, girl gets heartbroken by boy, boy makes it up to her in the most cliche way possible, everything’s all better. Don’t get me wrong though, it was still an unbelievably fantastic novel. As a matter of fact, I downloaded the second book last night and I’m planning to read it eventually (I’ve got another book that’s been calling my name for ages by an old school teacher of mine).

Other Bits & Final Thoughts

The cover was absolutely adorable. Once you finish the book, you realize that the pictures on the cover sort of foreshadow what kind of events may happen later on in the book. All of her covers seems to give you hints so I’ve been looking at the cover for the sequel trying to figure out what may happen.

You will read this book and you will not want to put it down. You’re going to get attached to Penny in a way that will make you say “Oh my gosh, I went through that too.” I feel as if this is great for teenagers to read because they can relate to it. It’s great for 20 year olds like me because I can look at it and say “Oh my gosh, I went through that too.”

Overall Rating of Girl Online


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