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If I Was Your Girl Book Review

If I Was Your Girl Book Review

If it hadn’t been for Zoella’s recent vlog post from July 6th, I never would have heard of this book. She talked about it at the end and read the back cover of the book and instantly I was interested in hooked. I spent the rest of the day updating my iPad (which I read on) and getting that up and running then buying the book to read the next day. I blew through it in a whole day, so here below is my If I Was Your Girl Book Review!

Before you read below, please go to my spoilers page and heed the warning.

If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo Book Review

I never thought I would typically read a book like this. My type of book is usually something to do with fantasy and romance, and never deals with real world problems like being transgender in today’s society and having to deal with it. I’m proud of myself for choosing to read something different, and surprised that I actually enjoyed it as much as I did.

The story focuses on transgendered Amanda Hardy, who moves from a suburb in Georgia to Lambertsville, Tenneesse to live with her father. This happens after she decides that she would be safer at her fathers rather than at home, because back at home everybody knew about her secret. In Lambertsville, she was able to be known as just Amanda and make new friends, and even fall in love with a boy.

I found myself getting confused at some points in the plot. It’s never really clearly stated who beat up Amanda and what exactly happened that prompted her to move to Lambertsville (unless I missed it). It only gives certain hints as to whether or not Amanda’s had all the surgeries that one would want with transitioning. As much as it is a compelling story and as much as I think Amanda could be a relatable character for some, I don’t think it could be as relatable or as realistic it should have been to the typical transgender who’s just come out and struggling with the bullying. I think we could have seen a bit more of that, just to let others know that they are not alone.

It got to the point in the book where we all knew that eventually someone was going to spill her secret and everything was going to go downhill. It just dragged on for ages, and I quite didn’t like that personally. I knew it was going to happen and the fact that it didn’t happen until the end meant nothing to me, because it was “my secret is out!” and then all of a sudden everything was all better with her “boyfriend” or whatever he was to her. There was no actual make up or actual talk about everything that happened, and I felt like there should have been just a little more.

I hate the original cover, I adore the one that I’ve used for the header. It gives the reader a nice knowing preview of what the book is about.

Overall Rating of If I Was Your Girl


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