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The Process of Ideas

I hate having to come up with ideas. Yes, you heard me right, I run a blog and I major in Film and I have coming up with ideas. I bet some of you are expecting me to say “I have so many ideas I can’t pick one!!” Well, you’re wrong. I actually have zero ideas 99% of the time. This post idea here? Total bull shit. I came up with it when I realized it was Wednesday and that I needed to keep up with posting things. So, how do I actually come up with ideas? I kinda don’t, but kinda do.

I hate idea hunting

You all probably think I am absolutely crazy because I’m not making a whole lot of sense, really. Yes, I am a creative minded person who usually have a million things running in their head, begging for them to be turned into real life things.

“Alyssa, you’re contradicting yourself. You just said you’re not that person who has to many ideas that they can’t pick one.” Stop being impatient, I’m getting to that. (I hope, I’m kind of just winging this blog post while doing something else thats super exciting that will be announced on Monday. Or Friday. I don’t know yet.)

Ideas are sort of a thing for me that can either go one of a few ways: I can either think of it right on the spot (sort of with this post inspired by my frustration), I can forget them in an instant if I don’t write them down, or I can get immediate inspiration from something like my Luke Cage post.

I’ve always said that what I love most about my blog is that I can write about whatever I want. It doesn’t matter how weird the topic is, I’m going to write it because why not, right? It wouldn’t be my site if it wasn’t totally open to any option.

….. See, that? It was my completely losing an idea. I went on to Twitter to go to *something*, and once I got on I totally forgot what the hell I was gonna do. I scrolled for a little while seeing if it would come back to me but it never did.

So, now that I can’t even remember what I was going to say, even though I KNOW it was something valuable to the post. I’m just gonna quit while i’m ahead.

Prepare for awesome announcement on Friday/Monday! (Still don’t know when thats coming, you’ll find out soon enough.)

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