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Introducing: Guest Posters!

I’m an extremely busy person. Most days I barely have time to breathe pretty much. So on top of my work for classes, daily vlogging, & blogging three times a week, it all gets pretty stressful and usually this blog gets put on the back-burner. Ladies, and gentlemen, I may have finally come up with a solution to this problem.

I am officially going to start introducing Guest Posting starting THIS WEDNESDAY!

It is pretty difficult for me to come up with three things to write about a week. Two is usually alright, but three is difficult. So i’ve decided to do this specifically on Wednesdays to give me a break of writing in the middle of the week. That way I can use that day to collect my thoughts and think of things to post for the upcoming Monday and Fridays that I plan on posting.

Who are the guest posters?

I put the ad out on my official Facebook page and also my personal page to see if anybody would be interested. Turns out a ton of my friends are interested so I have a group of them registered on the site and they will rotate Wednesdays for each post. Each person should be able to have a day once a month or once every other month, and it gives them the opportunity to write about whatever they wish without a filter, which they may need to have on other websites. It’s stress free for them and totally commitment free, if they have something they wanna share they just have to pass it by me to get it up.

I’m excited to start this because it’s a step for me in making this website the best it can be, and that is by letting other people share their opinions.


Learn more about them here, and be sure to sign up for emails on the side bar to know when they post!

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