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Why I Write

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I am a right-brained person. What does that mean? It means that I am more creative than people who are left-brained, who are typically more analytical and logical. Being right-brained explains why I find myself in endless day dreams while listening to my favorite bands and it explains why I like to write so much.

I like to write stories. Every form of writing should be able to tell an interesting story, and when I write I hope to be able to accomplish writing a story and not just droning on and on for no reason at all. Writing does not necessarily always have to mean writing articles for Odyssey every week or writing short fiction stories. There are people like me out there who want to some day have a serious career in writing who use fan fiction as a source of practice.

Fan Fiction? What the heck is that? Fan fiction is a work about characters/settings that have already been fictionalized by its original author that is created by fans of the work. Obsesed with Harry Potter? There’s over 700,000 fan fictions on just alone about the topic. It is a great way for aspiring authors to be able to practice their writing while the focus of it being something that they love. This is a major part of why I write to begin with. I am constantly daydreaming about inserting myself into a fictional land and making everything happy and making myself fit in with my other characters. A normal person right now is probably thinking “What an obsessed fangirl.” But I know that there is someone else who is reading this who is saying “FINALLY! SOMEONE GETS IT!”

So while there is fan fiction that can be written as practice, I wouldn’t entirely say that the reason why I write is just for practice and for the joy of imaging myself being an Avenger or fighting alongside Sam and Dean in “Supernatural”. I write for the pure reason that I enjoy it.

No, there is no ulterior motive for my writing other than the fact that I enjoy it. Sure, getting published one day would be a perk, but it is extremely enjoyable for me to do. I suffer from extreme anxiety and slight depression, so being able to write gives me the chance to escape all of that and make my own characters and my own world. In my fiction, I can control what I want my characters to do and how they do it. I can control who they interact with and what they like and dislike. It actually gives me a sense of power, knowing that I have that much control over something.

So why do I write? I enjoy being able to tell a story. I enjoy knowing that maybe one day, my story will make a difference in someone’s life and bring them as much enjoyment as I had making it.

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