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New Years Resolutions are Useless.

Happy 2017 everybody! I hope you all survived your new year parties with a minimal hangover. It’s that time of the new year where everybody puts out a list of things that they want to accomplish this year. Most of the time they read “Go to the gym three times a week!” or “Start eating healthier!” and most of the time people don’t end up fulfilling them. Which is why I never make New Years Resolutions because I know I’ll never fulfill eating healthy and going to the gym. Until this year where I’m feeling like really trying to make a change. So here are my New Years Resolutions and my reasoning for them:

  1. Focus on self-love. This is the most important thing on my list, which is why it is at the top spot. I’ve been neglecting my own health for far to long mentally by spending more time focusing on making others happy. This year my number one goal is to do what is best for me even if it means sacrificing something that I like.
  2. Improve my diet. This is a big one, because my diet consists of pasta, cheese, chocolate, & coffee. I’m not a big fruits or veggies person so I am going to try to work on this year figuring out how to bring them into my diet in a way that I’ll enjoy, but a way that doesn’t include me showering it in dressing that contains a lot of calories that probably aren’t good for me. I also want to invest in a protein shake I can drink twice a day.
  3. Exercise at least once a week. This is one that I probably won’t end up doing, but if I say at least once a week maybe I’ll be able to motivate myself to go to the gym on a Saturday or something so at least I get some exercise in that isn’t just walking every where.
  4. Post more on here. Because I really neglected this blog in 2016, especially at the end. I’m going to work out another Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule and pre-write a ton of posts while i’m home for break to get a head start and hopefully keep going with it.
  5. Read more books. Because reading is awesome and I have a stack of probably 4 books I need to read. 2 are home with me now and I’m gonna knock them out soon so I can post reviews on them here.
  6. Learn to cook.  My cooking knowledge extends to making pasta and microwave meals. And one chicken recipe my mom and I made one night. And mashed potatoes. And stuffing. So my goal is to try cooking more so that way I’ll also be able to motivate myself to eat healthy by cooking my own food.


That about sums it up for New Years Resolutions. I hope you all have an awesome New Year, share below some of your resolutions you are going to try to accomplish in the new year!

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