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Something New: Bullet Journaling

I heard the term bullet journal a few months ago from a Youtuber that I watch daily and follow. I had kind of just brushed it off as a way to stay organized and never ended up looking into it until now. You’re probably asking yourself: what the hell is a bullet journal? You can read about that over here and I will explain to you my thoughts about what the hell a bullet  journal is below.


From what I gather, a bullet journal is a combination of a diary, one big to do list, and a planner. The Buzzfeed article says that it’s perfect for people who like to make endless lists about what they need to accomplish. Now I don’t really make endless lists, but I like things that look nice and most bullet journals that I’ve seen look really nice.

People also use bullet journals for planning out weekly meals and setting long term and short term goals as well. There’s really countless things that you can do with a bullet journal, and thanks to creative sites like Pinterest you can see them all.

So I’m going to try one. I’m going to try making one for the semester at least and see how I feel about it and how much I like it. I’m going to get back to you on Wednesday’s posts with how I’ve set up my bullet journal thus far and what my thoughts are about it. Right now on this current moment (which is actually Saturday, i’m writing this Saturday for public showing Monday) i’m totally stuck on what journal I want to buy. I found one on Amazon that isn’t to pricey that I like but I want to venture to a Target and see if I can find one there for cheaper that I won’t have to wait to receive.

If you’re looking for more about bullet journals, here are the links and Pinterest boards that I have found useful:

Tune in Wednesday to see what planner I decide on and my progress in making my index and January monthly planner (maybe February if i’m feeling adventurous).

For the first month or so of the year I’m going to be making a series of posts called Something New. This series of posts will be all about my adventures in trying new things to help better my life and way of living. Topics will range from bullet journaling, to being healthier to positive thinking and anything else that I want to do something new with.

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