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Hidden Figures: Movie Review

You guys have been getting a ton of reviews from me, but that’s because I’ve been reading and watching movies. Hidden Figures, the story of three black women in the 60’s working for NASA and having to struggle to climb up the scale, looked like it was going to be amazing from the start. Their work was revolutionary to the company and started an equal rights movement for NASA.

Katherine Johnson was recently awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work in NASA. The film in based on true events and was absolutely spectacular. As always, read my spoiler warning before you proceed.

The Review

At first, I thought this movie was just going to aggravate me. It drives me nuts when I see movies where segregation and racism are strong, thus why I thought I was going to go nuts watching it. (Like I did with the premiere of Victoria, but that’s a review for another day) I was semi-right, Jim Parsons’ character drove me nuts. I hated him so much.

When Katherine gets reassigned they set you up to hate the supervisor. In reality he’s a whole lot more nicer to her than Jim Parsons character is. At first he’s a little hesitant and snippy with her, but once he sees that she’s the smartest out of all of them he settles down. Katherine is the one who calculated everything for the first space launch the USA had.

The other women face a lot of issues too. Mary has all the qualifications to be an engineer but they won’t take her because they stepped up so she has to take a singular class to get the position. After a while she goes on to fight it and take a class at an all white school.

Dorothy took on the role as supervisor without getting paid to be a supervisor. In the end she gets a supervisor position with the IBM computers. She is the only one out of all the men who know how to run it.

The story was incredible and very well written, it was paced amazingly. It seemed to be very accurate to the times and everybody acted perfectly in their roles. If you want to see a film that is just overall good, then go see Hidden Figures.

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