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My Scheming Mask – Kill those blackheads!

I know I said that I was done with review posts – but hear me out. The My Scheming Mask looked like it would actually be some help for my skin. I found it from Youtube and bought it off of amazon to try. What is it? A carbonated black head peel off mask that is supposed to pull out your blackheads and other gross crap from within your pores. When I look at my pores they always look like they’re full of gross crap so I thought I would try this. I found the mask on Amazon for $10 with free shipping.

Note: it’s not meant to go all over your face. It’s probably not meant for your chin either, but I did it anyways. Read below to see my steps and thoughts.

Step One: Put warm water on face

I didn’t full on wash my face like it said because for the purpose of the review, i wanted my pores to be gross and clogged so you could see the grossness on camera. Instead I just wet a washcloth with warm water and put that on my face

Step Two:  Pore softener

I don’t know what this is actually for, but it was very liquidy and hard to apply because it was so liquidy. It smelled kinda gross but not to gross. I rubbed this all over the areas where I was going to put the mask and then moved onto the actual mask. I discovered while I had the mask on that you’re supposed to do this step for 5 minutes. Whoops.

Step Three: Apply mask

It came out in literally a big blob of gloop. It didn’t have a smell to it or anything so I started with my chin, went to my forehead, and my nose last. I had to pick up more to do the nose and discovered that you should probably apply this mask with a brush. It was very difficult to get the mask off of my hands and it stuck like crazy so I had to scrub my hands together to get the stuff off.

Step four: Wait 15-20 minutes

During this time, take the opportunity to write the blog post about the product… yes that is what I am doing right now….

Step five: Peel mask off

I started with the forehead, since that is where I figured i wouldn’t get any crap. I was right. Then I moved to my chin and slowly started to peel up, avoiding the nose because I was insistent on doing the nose separately. I got most of my mouth off in one try but it folded in on itself when I put it on the counter. I did the nose last and set it aside.

Step six: Put on the pore tightener.

This stuff had the same consistency as the other stuff so it was a pain in the ass to get on. Have to figure out a different way to do it next time.

After that I was done. I looked at the masks and saw that it did take some stuff off of my nose and chin area, but nothing like I was expecting. Did I do it wrong? Maybe my face isn’t that dirty? I’ll probably use it again and see if I can get the liquid crap to work better. Overall, it did make my skin feel soft and nice afterwards. It did however make my face’s under eye area very red where I had to take out an eye mask I was saving and put those under my eyes to see if I could make them feel better. Those masks are still on my eyes as I type this message so I don’t know how well it will work, but those are making my skin feel nice and fresh.

Until Monday!

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