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hey there, it’s been a while.

How have you been? I hope that you’ve been well. Me on the other hand, I’ve been pretty okay for once. Junior year of college just concluded and while I didn’t do as good as other people, I’m still mid-way pleased with myself. Now it’s summertime and I’m supposed to get my blog and Youtube channel back on a consistent schedule. Or at least that’s what I’ve tried to do every other year.

First things first: I have to decide what kind of content I want to put out there. Right now, I’ve got no clue what I want to write about anymore. This goes with my fanfiction as well, I have no idea what to write about and I have two stories who are desperately calling for my attention and I am neglecting them, bad.

Same goes with my channel, its desperately telling me to pick up my camera and vlog something but, if I’m not doing anything, how can that be interesting to watch?

I go through these phases of half knowing what I want to do and then realizing that I don’t have the money to do it. I have these big ideas and no way to execute them properly, which is the part that bums me out. I don’t understand how I can make content without having money to buy things to make it on.

My reviews are things that I know I’m going to continue to do – I just need to figure out what to review exactly. Makeup seemed to be okay and tended to get some views, but it’s an expensive thing to review on a college budget. Movies/television series are good to review because I like movies and I [mostly] know what I’m talking about when I look at them. Books are something that I always enjoy reviewing because who doesn’t like books and another pair of eyes to tell you how it was?

But the thing with my reviews is that I don’t think they’re good enough to publish half the time. I have this problem where I know what I think but I can’t execute it properly. It’s been a problem lately for me the past couple of months where I’ll start talking about something to somebody and then I’ll totally lose my train of thought and forget the words I wanted to use to talk about it. And its so annoying. 

I do rather enjoy these rant posts though. I just feel like if I post to many of these people will come annoyed by them and that will lose viewers. The very few amount that I have.

Now as for my Youtube channel I’m trying to decide if  I should post these reviews on both the blog and the channel. I think it would be a good idea because I have more subscribers on Youtube than I do to my email list. The only issue with that is that I feel like it would be repetitive.

Unless I write the blog post first then make a video from the post but not include everything as an incentive to get people to read the blog. There’s a thought.

Only time will tell what happens. I just ordered another book from Blogging for Books and I’m going to review that one, then I have a whole freakin stack that I have to go through and read.

Until next time.

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