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Introducing: The Monthly – May 2017

In another new and exciting series, I am introducing you to: The Monthly! This is going to be my version of Monthly Favorites that you see on Youtube. The Monthly will include things that I’ve watched from What I Watched Wednesdays that I am going to summarize into one neat post, books I’ve read, products I’ve tried (when I get new products), and just general life things and happiness. Let’s get to it!

Life this Month

Since leaving school I’ve discovered a newfound love for documentaries and alternative punk music. They are all that I have been listening to and watching. I landed a paid internship this summer for a production company as a Production Intern that starts soon. It was something that I heard was competitive – especially for the summertime. That hindered my thoughts and I did not think I would get the internship, but I did and I will be working 3 days a week. I took a small road trip with my roommate to go visit another roommate in Connecticut. We were all going to the same graduation party for another roommate and we had a great time.

Television this Month

Supernatural ended its twelfth season in television and…. oh my god was the finale a good one. Three characters are dead and now with the spawn of Satan walking the Earth, the Winchesters are going to be in for one hell of a season 13. The Flash and Supergirl also ended their third and second seasons on cliffhangers that had me wanting more. I’ve watched 4 episodes of sense8 season 2 on Netflix because that came out and I’ve queued up Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 3 for June. I haven’t started anything new this May (yet) but Shadowhunters is on the list of things to start. I also want to get into anime a little bit.

Movies this Month

Guardians! Of! The! Galaxy! The second movie in the Guardians of the Galaxy series came out the first week of the month and crushed the sales record of the first one. It almost crushed the first movie on my list of favorite Marvel movies but there were some things that could have used improvement. Another movie that came out in May was the fifth installment of the Pirates of the Carribean franchise. I talked about it briefly yesterday in What I Watched Wednesday but critic reviews were saying the movie was awful when I didn’t find it that bad. Full review coming Monday! I’ve also watched 3 documentary movies, Mommy Dead and Dearest and Bright Lights: starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds (from HBO) and Elizabeth at 90: a family tribute (Netflix) since leaving school.

Music this Month

Check out the Apple Music Playlist here!

While Halsey’s full album comes out in June her first three singles that have come off of it have been FANTASTIC. She has a voice that is so powerful and she is experimenting with different sounds and styles. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually liked how she was sounding. Another one that surprised me was Camila Cabello’s debut single Crying in the Club because I never liked her voice in Fifth Harmony but now she’s back and she’s ready to kill it I guess. Harry Styles also surprised me because he went in a totally different direction than what One Direction was and I surprised myself by actually liking Harry’s new album and sound. Check out the full playlist above for everything I loved!

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  • Reply Sakura

    Wow a production intern job sounds really cool! What do you do as the intern?

    June 2, 2017 at 2:09 pm
  • Reply Alyssa Michelle

    I do anything they need me too! Most of the times its assisting people when there's filming to be done or helping the audio team with cables but sometimes they said that I could be driving to the store to get things or driving into the city to pick up equipment. Its a lot of fun!

    June 2, 2017 at 2:14 pm
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