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We need to talk about Doctor Who.

The Doctor Who series 10 finale was on Sunday night, and I have quite a bit of feelings towards it. A lot happened in the span of an hour and a half with this show. Two Masters?! Is Missy really going good?! DOES THE DOCTOR REGENERATE?! All that and more will get spilled below the cut.

As always read my spoiler warning before proceeding. And this will not be organized. At all. Just a jumbled rant.

Doctor Who – The Doctor Falls review/thoughts

Incase anybody needs a refresh before they go on, here is the trailer for the episode:

Let’s start with the obvious: Bill is a Cyberman now. It’s the Doctors fault. Took to long to get there and save her. There’s no saving her from being a Cyberman, so he’s lying to her when he says that he’s going to save her.

Doctor, you know you can’t, so stop being a shit and just tell her.

And who is the flippin 13th Doctor?! The whole episode we see the Doctor regenerating slowly. Here’s a theory that a friend posted on my Facebook that I think makes sense:

I heard a theory that he’s been very slowly regenerating for a few episodes now and he’s just doing his best to slow it down (kinda like how 10 dragged his out until he literally couldn’t walk anymore) and from that opening I’m kinda starting to wonder if that might be right???”

So upon reading that, the slow regeneration that we’ve been seeing over the past couple of episodes makes sense. He started to regenerate really in the second to last episode (I think, it could have been sooner butI’mm pretty sure it was just the second to last) but we don’t know who the 13th Doctor will be. It’s not like BBC to not tell people who the Doctor is before he comes out – Peter was announced a few weeks before the 50th when he made his first appearance. Hopefully within a few weeks we’ll get news about the new Doctor.

Now for the Masters. This part really confused me – because the Master was his usual self and Missy was in the middle of this ‘great awakening’ and coming good again. But then they went and SHOT EACHOTHER at the end of the episode! My poor Missy who I love so much died because the asshole Master shot her with something and she couldn’t regenerate. He didn’t want a Master to go on if they couldn’t be bad – in his words “I will never work with the Doctor”.

So he shots her. Real smart. This is why you regenerated into a woman. Cause you’re dumb.

Anyways, I think thats all I have left to rant about. I’ll leave the surprise as to what actually happens to Bill for your watching.

What did you think of the episode?

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