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The Road to Boston Comic Con

Boston Comic Con is officially ONE MONTH away exactly. From August 11th to August 13th I will be in Boston with my 3 closest friends at the convention. This is my first time ever going to a con for a whole weekend – and I am so excited! I’m usually a Saturday go-er, meet one celebrity and then walk around and leave kind of gal, but I wanted to experience it all 3 days for myself with some friends. Of course going all 3 days raises the question – what am I going to cosplay?! Who am I going to meet?! What to wear?! What panels?! I’m going to be posting about my Comic Con plans every week for the next month until the day the convention starts – with one big vlog to tie up all three days. Without any further ado, onto the planning.

This post is going to be focused solely on cosplay. What is cosplay? Well, if you live under a rock and don’t know, cosplay is “the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime.” (Yes, this is the definition from Google.) I’m planning on cosplaying for at least two of the days that I attend the con, in a very specific order.

Friday Planning

Since Friday it only opens at 4:00, my whole group agreed there is no point in cosplaying. So instead I’m going to be wearing something cute as shit related to Star Wars so I can get in my big 3 for the whole weekend. I have a couple options for shirts, but I’m thinking probably nothing too heavy and hot. Since you know, August.

Saturday Planning

On Saturday, since I’m hoping to meet Matt Smith (since he’s going – but more on that next week) I plan to cosplay as the Eleventh Doctor. The great thing to me about cosplaying a male character and gender-bending it (which just means dressing it up as a different sex) is that there is a lot of freedom to dress it however you want. So for this, I’m dressing it a little differently than what he does in the show.

Since BCC is in the middle of August and I don’t want to die of heatstroke waiting to get in, I’m dressing it in a pair of black shorts, black tights, a pair of penny loafer shoes, a button up & then the suspenders and bowtie. For reference, this is the picture I went off of when buying the shorts and shoes. These are very similar to the pair of shoes I bought – on sale! These are the shorts that I’ve gotten, in two sizes so I can try which ones fit more comfortably.

As for the shirt I’m still debating on what kind of shirt I want. I’m debating between pinstripes and a white button up. I have the white button up so it would be less money to spend if I used the white. But those are also my ‘business’ shirts (that I hardly wear anyways). I also need to dig up my suspenders and bowtie from where ever I hid them. And my sonic screwdriver. That has been chewed by my dog. Lots of work to do. I also need to find a fez. Or at least the fez headband from Hot Topic.

Sunday Planning

I’ve had this costume for a while, and while it may not be the best costume, I’m wearing it anyways. I’m going to be cosplaying the Black Widow from Captain America: the Winter Solider for Sunday. Yes, specifically that version (it’s the only one I have and it came with the belt which is TERRIBLE quality but yeah). It’s a Halloween costume so it’s not that great of quality, but it’s pretty thin which will be nice for August since it will be hot. It will work for now.

I’m cleverly avoiding having to buy a wig by dying my hair red the day before the convention. I hate the wig I have and don’t want to bother buying a new one and having to get my hair into a wig cap. I think its a pretty solid idea, tbh. Plus it doesn’t really affect my 11th cosplay that much and it will match the bowtie, fez, and suspenders.

Let me know if you enjoyed this post and if you have any tips for con-ing a whole weekend!

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