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Spiderman Homecoming Movie Review

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One of the most anticipated movies of the summer has finally arrived: Spiderman Homecoming. People across the globe were nervous for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker solo debut – but one thing everybody also felt was excitement. Spiderman was back in the universe he belonged in at last. Tom Holland is not only the Spiderman we needed – he was the Spiderman we deserved.

As always heed my spoiler warning before continuing and read more below the cut!

I was super excited for this movie when I saw the first preview. The one above is the most recent one and let me tell you – it’s just as funny in the theaters as it is in the trailers. That was one thing I had high hopes for when going into the movie, that it would be funny. Well, it sure as shit was. Tom Holland as Peter Parker is absolutely perfect – he has a passion for the role and he’s hot as shit.

…. that wasn’t in my head? Whoops. Well, now the internet knows I’m crushing on Tom Holland. But who isn’t at this point anymore? Reference – this Buzzfeed article. Guy’s an angel. He brought his dog to a press conference. Anyways, I digress.

Plot wise the movie was pretty solid. It was entertaining and humorous for starters – but it didn’t fly away from being a superhero movie. There was action and adventure and a little bit of sass coming from everyone’s favorite billionaire in a tin suit.

This review is kind of a mess, but basically Tom Holland is hot as shit and the movie is great. Not on Wonder Woman stats – which nothing will ever get on Wonder Woman stats for me, like ever – but still an amazing movie to go see.

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