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Movies I Am Not Excited To See

Hey, Nerds! Long time, no talk. As you may or may not have noticed, I didn’t post Thursday the 20th. No particular reason, I had a post ready but never wrote it. So instead you’re getting this post a week later. I was gonna put this up on Tuesday, but instead decided to do a round up of things I like/dislike at SDCC. It’s a juicy one and I get realllll opinionated, so go check that out.

Anyways, there are lots of movies coming out soon. While I want to see as many as possible, there are some that I just am not excited to see and probably won’t see. My opinions and my reasons are my own, so don’t scream at me if I don’t plan on seeing a movie you like. Like the first on the list. 

Justice League

Okay, we’re getting this one out of the way right now so we can move on. I am gonna end up going to see this when it comes out cause I watch 99% of all comic book movies and my boyfriend probably loves DC more than he loves me. Don’t get me wrong, the trailer looks good and interesting. But now Joss Whedon is involved and I absolutely can’t stand him (for a whole other list of reasons that I’m not getting involved in). But I’m just not excited for this as I am for things like Thor and Star Wars. It could surprise me and be fantastic, but I think after Wonder Woman it’s probably not going to compare. And the poster is lame as shit.


I know it’s a big sci-fi movie and stuff, but it just doesn’t look…. interesting? Like it does, but it doesn’t at the same time. It’s a very cool worldly concept, but at the same time, it just doesn’t look like it will do it for me. I’m gonna see it when it comes out and it could end up proving me wrong. Is this contradictory? Probably, but that’s what this whole post is probably gonna be.

Ingrid Goes West

I have been seeing this trailer LITERALLY all over almost every single social media platform I’m on. It comes out in two weeks and I’ve only just heard about it. Talk about bad marketing. Anyways, this looks like it could be good, but at the same time, it looks like it could go terribly wrong. This is the story of a stalker who moves to California to live out the lifestyle of an Instagram famous star. It doesn’t sound appealing, and it could go one way or the other.

Logan Lucky

This movie stars my two favorite actors on the entire planet: Adam Driver and Sebastian Stan. What more could I ask for? It looks like it’s going to be funny, it looks like it’s going to have a good story, but at the same time, there is something inside of me telling me that it’s probably going to suck. Why? Because it’s not being marketed enough. Anyway, like I said, I’m probably going to see it because of Sebastian Stan and Adam Driver, but I’m nervous about how it could actually be. This is probably one I’ll forget to watch in theatres and then have to find on putlocker or something.

Anyways, that’s my list. This post was probably very contradictory but whatever. I promise I’ll get my post act together. If you’re not subscribed to me on Youtube, I recommend doing so here! I’ve been uploading product reviews, unboxings, and will be getting back into vlogging very soon!

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