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Boston Comic Con: it’s crunch time!

We’re LESS THAN one week away from Boston Comic Con! This post was supposed to go up for Thursday, but life got ahead of me and I didn’t have time to take my cosplay pictures until today so this is what you get. Cosplays have been assembled, tickets are purchased and our schedule is nearly complete. The bow tie has been tied and the sonic screwdriver is being polished. Last I talked to you was about two weeks ago when I was pondering over what I was going to be buying for my cosplays and now that we’re finally close, I have my answers. Let’s move along, shall we? Here are my cosplays/outfits for Boston Comic Con 2017 – as well as our schedule of what at least I want to do!


It’s been pretty much decided by my whole group that Friday is the casual day. The con is only open for barely half the day (from 4-9 or something like that) and that’s our ‘travel day’, so it would be a hassle to have to travel in casual clothes, go to the hotel, check in, change, and then go find out where to pick up our wrist bands. My roommate is going to be cosplaying the 9th Doctor that day, but the cosplay is so simple that she can wear that on the bus/train.

My outfit will consist of either shorts or my ripped jeans (haven’t decided yet – need to look at weather) with either my Star Wars shirt that I wore in my head shots or (this is 99% probably gonna be it) or my shirt that I just got from Jordandene that says “Kylo Ren is a Punk Bitch”. It’s probably gonna end up being the last one because it’s just too funny for me not to wear to the con. (I don’t have a picture of this outfit cause the shirt has yet to come in)

There aren’t any panels or events on Friday that we’re particularly interested in, besides the Stan Lee panel which we probably won’t get in to because he’s STAN LEE. There’s a cosplay after-party that we would like to go to, but one person in our group is not 21 so we’re not going to be fair to them. Or at least I know that’s why I’m not going. Instead, I want to drag them to Boston Burger Company or something for milkshakes with booze – but that’s unconfirmed and probably very unlikely to happen.

Drunk people + MBTA = probably a bad combination


This is my day to cosplay the 11th Doctor gender-bent! This cosplay has been a dream of mine to do, as cheesy as that sounds, so this is my most exciting day for cosplay. Not only that, but I’m going to be meeting the man himself dressed as the woman version of himself. The outfit consists of the black shorts, black tights, shorts, red suspenders and bowtie, sonic screwdriver and shoes. I was going to find a fez headbands, but honestly, I hate headbands and it would just drive me crazy all day long if I got it. After taking this photo, I’m probably gonna try and see if I can hunt down a better shirt – but if not its not the end of the world. Also the bowtie is being replaced and I’m attempting to figure out how to tighten suspenders.

In terms of events – the Boston Whovians group is doing a meet-up at 3:00 with a photo shoot during it. Here’s the thing – my time to meet Matt Smith is at 3:00 because there was such high demand to meet him they had to divide the photo op into groups. He starts going at 2:15 and won’t end until 3:00 the poor dude. So I told the admins about it and they said they would try and work to change the time and I said that it didn’t matter cause I was gonna show up anyway, just late.

After that is the Matt Smith and Karen Gillan joint panel – which we’re gonna have to run to in order to get a space in the line. It doesn’t matter to me how close or far away we are from the stage, we’ll be in the presence of both of them at the same time which is going to be funny.

After that, it’s going to be a lot of shopping and walking around, and I have plans with the boyfriend later that night for my late birthday dinner. I got him to agree to Boston Burger Company, so heck yeah boozy milkshakes and a mac and cheese burger.


This is the last day of the con! I’m not supposed to meet anybody (yet – you never know I could decide to meet John Barrowman last minute) but my cosplay is going to be the Black Widow. I

t’s a Halloween costume, so it’s not the greatest and I’m going to bring another outfit with in case I decide I look too stupid, but she’s another one I’ve wanted to cosplay for a while. Like I said, the outfit is just a Halloween costume so I’m probably going to safety pin the belt together so it stays on all day and super-glue the buckle thing. The knee of the costume is ripped so I have to wear leggings underneath, but my aunt put a zipper in the back (and the front, because she accidentally did that first). I’m going to be wearing my combat boots that have Marvel comics inside of them, but I’m going to wrap them up like in my first outfit so the comics don’t show. All in all the costume doesn’t actually look too bad – just a tad baggy, which I can live with.

The John Barrowman panel is on Sunday and holy lord I’m excited. The last time I went to BCC with John Barrowman there the panel actually had me in tears and it was the best decision of my life deciding to line up two hours early because I was in the second row.

And that’s it for my Boston Comic Con posts! If you want to actually see what I do at the con, be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel as I will be vlogging all day long on all 3 days, so it will be a real long vlog! I’m still unsure if i’m going to split up the days yet or not – we’ll see when I get the time to edit.

Until next time!

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