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Where the hell have I been?

Why hello there. It’s been a week. Or has it been two? Who knows, but that goes to show you how time has been passing for me. This post may be short, this post may be long, who knows. This is a totally unplanned post where I have no clue what to write about, so this can either go one of two ways: either really good or really bad. 

I won’t be putting a cut (aka a read more) in this post. I may stop doing that for my other ones. They all show up weird and don’t cut off at the point I would like them too, and I haven’t figured out how to change it. Still not regretting switching to Blogger though. I get a free subdomain until I fee like purchasing the domain domain. Which is nice because domain names are slightly overpriced now. When I purchased my first .net domain in high school it was like, $9 and now its almost $12, or is it $12? I don’t remember, point is they’re stupidly expensive (yet I’m probably still going to buy one later on anyway).
What else can I ramble about? Oh, yeah, are you subscribed to me on Youtube? If not, you need to be cause starting next week I’m weekly vlogging again. Vlogs will start on Sundays and upload on Sundays. I like the idea of weekly vlogging better because it gives me a better opportunity to just do what I want. Not that I couldn’t before – but I would feel bad if I didn’t record anything on a day when I daily vlogged, at least if  I weekly I can skip a day and not care as much. Hopefully. 
You should also be following me on Youtube if you like to see random review videos! Since I want to keep this mainly nerdy news and things and personal, I have all my other reviews such as make up, skin care, etc. on my Youtube channel! I have tons of ideas floating around for that and one will be up as soon as Saturday (if I can sit down and film it in between packing)
After all this talk of Youtube, go to the sidebar and click on the Youtube icon and subscribe! 
All in all, this post isn’t an entire mess. There was no clear plan for this post and I’m surprised it ended up being about Youtube as much as it did. I have a review of the Defenders for you by the end of the week – I’ve decided that I’m not going to schedule posts anymore because I always end up forgetting about them. I’ll just post when I post. 
Hope everybody is good and good luck if you’re going back to school!
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