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Black Panther Review

hello everyone! i am back with a movie review for yall because i’m finally seeing movies! or at least something finally came out that i care about. last night i went and saw the revolutionary Black Panther. i say revolutionary because it simply is. i made that lil graphic for something else and it is relevant to this blog post because black panther was just amazing.

as always remember my spoiler warning and happy reading!

firstly, its been a very long time since i’ve done a review so bare with me. i have no structure to them anymore and its more like me ranting – but thats okay.

the first thing that i adored about this movie was the visual effects. i knew that they would have to be amazing in order for the movie to be pulled off properly. my favorite part of the visual effects were the end credits – the way they just morphed into each other was incredible and it made me so incredibly happy. but that was just the movie major in me screeching.

my favorite thing about the whole movie wasn’t even the movie itself – it was the MASSIVE african american family that took up a whole 4 rows of my movie theater to see the movie together and sang happy birthday to a little boy in the family and wore matching glow stick glasses. that is why i think this movie is revolutionary – because it is so incredibly important to african americans to finally get representation.

chadwick boseman incredibly delivers as black panther. his mannerisms and interactions with the other characters are so fluid and michael b jordan plays an AMAZING antagonist. shuri is my favorite of the new characters and of course we can NOT forget the second credit scene with bucky. at least i can’t but thats because you all KNOW how i feel about bucky barnes – the love of my LIFE my sunshine and savior.

but yeah, i’m done with this post. its a mess because i kept getting distracted all day long while trying to write it and now i’ve got to write a roleplay post.

what did you all think about black panther? sound off in the comments below!

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