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Day 8 – The Funniest Character

Hello everyone and welcome to Day 8! Woohoo! Yeah!! This one is an easier one for me because who doesn’t love funny characters? There are loads that I can use in this example but there is one that always has me rolling in particular. This crazy mofo is from an anime I know and love and that other people may know as well.

this little shit’s name is Juuzou and he’s from Tokyo Ghoul. Now let me tell you this mother fucker is INSANE. he’s a detective in Tokyo that works to kill and get rid of Ghouls in the city. he was pretty much raised as a child by someone who practically and basically brainwashed him to show no remorse when killing people so this just made him all the crazier.
I think its just seeing a man act like a child…. actually he pretty much is a child. Juuzou made me laugh so hard and I can’t wait to see him return in Tokyo Ghoul season 3 or RE or whatever it’s called.
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