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Well, it sure has been a while hasn’t it? Usually, I pop by with at least one post a month but last month there was nothing. So whats been going on?

I graduated. That was a thing that happened. Here’s the proof:


Other than that, not much. I found a friend on tumblr that lives like, 5 minutes away from me so we’ve basically been hanging out almost every day. My younger brother turned 21 two days ago, so that was cool. My birthday is in 2 weeks and I’ll be 23. I have a phone interview with a job Monday and I’m crossing my fingers cause that means I could possibly be moving to Florida.

I miss writing. I’ve been looking at my fanfics lately and missing writing. I can’t even get myself to write a word of them and I’m unsure why. I still love all of my ideas, but I think I’ve just got a WICKED case of writer’s block. I know I had started the blogging challenge of characters and I should restart that again, but… what if I don’t finish it again?

I feel like my creativity needs to be kick-started again. Hence, I am adding the geek section to this site so whenever I want to scream about something. Reviews are going to come back soon but those will mostly be in the geek section anyway. But the geek section will be more for fandomy things and anything else I feel like falls into that category.

Even anime stuff – I’m into anime now! I’m gonna rewatch all of Yuri!!! On Ice cause i love it way to much and hopefully finish Cardcaptor Sakura very soon, and hopefully the original Sailor Moon (I binged all of Crystal so quickly and now I just need to get myself back into the originals). I have a whole list of anime that needs to be watched, but give me your recommendations in the comments down below!

Hopefully we will be talking a lot more soon.

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    Yay congrats on graduating! I graduated from college a year ago and it's still a fond memory for me.

    July 10, 2018 at 5:10 pm
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