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a couple of fun announcements…

hello everyone! it’s been a while since i’ve blogged anything at all (actually its been since my birthday that i’ve blogged anything, ironic, right?) and i’ve got quite a few fun things coming up that i really want to share with you guys!

this post will be relatively short but don’t worry, i have a longer one coming out next week for you. this is meant to just be a small update as to whats been going on.

i’m going to be in in art show! yup, you heard that right, my artwork (which you can view here) will be featured in CONNECT: RAW Providence! i’m so excited as this is my first show ever i’ve been featured in and felt extra special because they reached out to me. thats coming up in september and i am so so excited to be apart of it!

next up is something that i’ve been holding onto for quite some time…. i’m going to be featured in The Normal Happenings’ collaboration of The Games that Define Us! it starts in November over on his site and i’m pretty sure i’m day 13, but if i’m not that just means you’ll have to go over and subscribe to his blog to see my post 😉

my post is about the Sims 4 and what its done for me, so be on the lookout for that in November. that’s all i’m gonna tell you about that. Go follow him on his blog AND Twitter to see who else is participating, and then be sure to give them a follow too.

i’m going to aim to be posting here at least once a week, topics being my choice. i have 2 posts for next week that i am super excited to share!

see you then!

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