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Doctor Who “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” Review

Hello everyone! I want to thank all of the people who have followed me recently since switching over. It really means the world to me!

Now as promised on Twitter, here is my review of the Doctor Who premiere! As per usual, heed to my spoiler warning before moving on.

Alright, onto the post! Now, don’t expect this to be a fantastically structured review. You know me, I’m nuts and fangirly. I can’t contain my excitement, but I’ll try to make some sense.

I’ll start with the companions. I love Yas and Ryan, but Graham pisses me off for now. I know that I will grow to like him in due time, but for now he’s annoying me. But I guess we have to have him for plot, right?

It’s kind of like he’s only there to show awareness of the fact that men degrade women with everything they do and such. Did I just have a breakthrough? I guess so.

I ship Yas and Ryan SO HARD. They’re both adorable and have such striking personalities.

Now onto the main event – THE DOCTOR!

I’ve described her as a toddler on steroid. She’s got a lot of energy and reminds me a lot of 10 and 11 combined but with that toddler energy that seems to be unstoppable. I adore that she is also headstrong and doesn’t let anyone bother her.

Overall the plot of the episode seemed to be very fun and a good introduction for the 13th Doctor. It was a sad episode as well, and we did meet a new monster which was awesome to me.

She is a bit different than the other Doctors though. In the episode, she essentially kills/gets rid of the monster, which is something that we’ve known the Doctor is against doing, but she had no issues doing it in the moment. Maybe it was because her mind was all funky from regeneration, maybe it’s a new personality.

She is awesome and headstrong and bad-ass, exactly what we need right now! (This sentence was going to be another thought but I forgot what it was. I’ve lost my mind.)

What did you think of the Doctor? Sound off below!

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