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Inspired by Normal Happening’s Daily Inkling from September 2018. I have a very hard time with coming up with things to post about, as many…


Inspired by Normal Happening’s Daily Inkling from September 2018.

I have a very hard time with coming up with things to post about, as many people probably know. Sometimes I’ll feel incredibly inspired to write something, and other times I won’t. I’ve been struggling with coming up with ideas that stay within my ‘niche’ so to speak, rather than just writing about things that I want to write about like I should be doing.

Long rambling short, I’m hoping this will help me feel better about myself. I’m going to describe what my though process was when picking the name Nerd Side of Life.

When ‘rebranding’ my blog (you can see the journey through my archives, all the way back to 2014!) I was trying to think of how I developed as a person from 2014. Gone were the days when I was trying to be someone I wasn’t trying to fit into a group of people I clearly didn’t fit in to.

I was not that naive young college anymore in Summer 2016, I was a failing young adult that had an obsession with pop culture of all tastes and types. Technically I still am that failing young adult, just with a Bachelor’s degree and a job.

I tried to think of names that were punny and that fit my personality. I also wanted it to be less of a mouth full than Miss Alyssa Michelle. Cause lets be honest, that was a bit of a mouth full. I tossed around a few ideas that I can’t remember and ultimate decided on the Nerd Side of Life.

I wanted to be just ‘the Nerd Side’ because it was an ode to the Dark Side from Star Wars but I thought it would be to similar to Jacie at Come to the Nerd Side so I decided that wasn’t a good idea.

So Nerd Side of Life it was. It’s not any less of a mouth full, but it’s got a nice ring to it.

I was happy with my choosing because it meant that I could FULLY rant and ramble about my nerd musings properly – with a site that had NERD in the name and all. It was a great way to start over and truly make my space on the internet what I wanted it to be. Even though when I started over I didn’t even know what I wanted to do. I just started over because well… I could.

And I think that was my mistake. Starting over for the sake of starting over. At that time in my life, even though I didn’t want to admit it, I was desperate for people to look at my content and find it entertaining and relateable. Even if you want to just say that you blog for fun or for yourself, deep down we want the views and recognition we feel we deserve for our effort. So when I started over and switched to Blogger I thought that going to blogger like so many people I followed (at the time) would be the best option.

That feeling came and went and now thanks to The Games that Define Us (which starts NOVEMBER 1ST by the way) contributors, even though I don’t talk much in our massive group chat, I finally feel like I’m at home with the Nerd Side of Life.

I’m back to WordPress which is a platform I really do ADORE. I’m in a place in my life where I’m happy all around and I even have nerd things to talk about FINALLY.

Now the only thing is – getting out of my head and over the fact that not all my posts are going to be within my niche.

I have so many things in my mind that I wanna write up – being a young adult away from your family, working full time as a recent graduate, etc. But I feel like no one will care about them. My heart is telling me ‘share your story – maybe younger people will be interested’ but my mind is telling ‘literally everyone who reads your blog right now are older established adults they aint gonna care about you moving from your home to florida at 23’.

Eventually I’ll get past that. And I want to start up my series again – The Monthly, Fandom Friday and a re-iteration of What I Watched Wednesday. Thankfully the Monthly is easy enough to start back up and I probably will do that on November 1st – but in due time the rest will come.

This post kind of strayed away from the prompt I found, but it helped me get a lot off my chest. I hope you didn’t get bored reading it.

Let me know down below if you’ve ever been through something like this. I figure once I get out my head, I’ll be okay. And that I can’t be the only one struggling a bit.

Till next time!

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