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BLOGMAS MOVIE REVIEW: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Hello everyone and welcome back! It’s December 1st and I am going to be trying to Blog EVERY DAY up until christmas – read more about Blogmas & Vlogmas here. I know I could TECHNICALLY count the introduction post as the first day but since I forgot to do it yesterday (whoops) it went up today.

Anyway, last night I went to the movies for the first time in ages. Wowie, I know.

Two weeks late I finally saw the new Fantastic Beasts film and oh my god I have some feelings. Read below to find out what they are!

Okay so I’m not gonna lie – the first half of the movie is boring filler. And most of the movie is ACTUALLY filler. It was a filler movie through and through and the only important thing that is exciting happens in the last 20 minutes of the movie.

Its a lot of boring tension in the beginning. Queenie has Jacob under a spell to marry him and Newt reverses it and thats basically when shit hits the fan.

Oh and baby Nifflers!

Anyways, most of the movie is kinda boring and its just a lot of all around unnessecary tension that I just felt was kind of added into the movie.

But the gist of the movie is that Credence is trying to find out who he is, Newt can’t travel but does it anyways, and Johnny Depp (aka Grindelwald) is an asshole.

We do find out at the end of the movie who Credence REALLY is and let me tell you – YOU WILL BE SHOOK. That that is literally the highlight of the movie.

And thats literally all I have to say about the movie. The rest was kind of…. underwhelming.

What did you think if you saw the movie? Sound off below!

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