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BLOGMAS PROMPT: Traveling for the Holidays

Day 2 of Blogmas and I am already resorting to some prompts I found on Google. This is going to be intersting.

I saw the prompt about traveling for the holidays and figured I would give this my best go – since this is my first time actually having to travel for the holiday season.

I am terrified – not of going by myself (I flew to Los Angeles by myself and if I can do that I can do anything) but of how other people are going to be while traveling. Other people being assholes is always my main concern whenever I do literally anything.

This year as I said is my first time holiday traveling. As I have said 5 million times since it happened, I moved from Massachusetts to South Florida for work and this season I was graciouslly given 2 weeks for vacation – granted that was mostly because the flights back after the first week were $350 one way.

Anyway, back to travel. I love to travel and I love flying – I’ve done my fair share from vacations and whatnot in my 23 years of living. I flew alone for the first time at age 13 to Atlanta to see an internet friend – who yes I had met in person prior to going down and her mom and my mom talked on the phone about it.

My first time flying alone as an adult without my mother was when I went to Disney for Spring Break in 2016 with my roommates and I was nervous – but thankfully one of my roomies being from Los Angeles was a seasoned flyer and took care of us.

After that my flying alone confidence was a little better cause the next time I had flown was out to Los Angeles. I had the window seat and I had to pee the entire 6 hours and got up with 30 minutes left in the flight after striking up conversation with the two people next to me.

Whenever I fly I like to be at the airport at least 2 hours in advance, give me one hour to go through security safely and not rushed, another hour to eat and find my gate. Thankfully the times I have been alone have not been to terrible (excluding my time at LAX because that was a shit show as expected).

But with the holiday season being upon us and a hoard of people trying to get home, my anxiety is slightly on edge. As I said above – not for the actual traveling portion of the traveling, but for the assholes I’ll have to endure.

Because you trying to get home is more important than me trying to get home even though we’re going to the same place, right? IT’S EQUALLY IMPORTANT.

My god.

So if you’re traveling this holiday season and you see someone who is young looking and a nervous wreck – be nice to them. It’s probably their first time having to suffer through this.

And it won’t be the last.

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