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BLOGMAS: To write, or not to write…

This is probably going to be eeirley similar to my post about NaNoWriMo (which by the way – I failed at. Again.) but it is also something that can put implied in many different writing mediums.

Today I’m going to ramble about my writing process for this blog, my fiction, and my fan fiction.

So like, writing is hard. I’ll get that out of the way and say that it is not easy to do. Somtimes it is easier to think of things to write about than others.

Like this whole blogmas thing. I don’t know what I signed myself up for but heck, I’m gonna attempt to make it work. By writing shit like this.

When it comes to blog writing, I personally just go around other people’s blogs and see what they’re posting about. A lot of it is video games, anime, movies, tv, etc. I know that I wanna try to stick to posting about whatever is popular at the time to get the most views (i.e Smash is coming out on Friday and if I can somehow get me some money you best believe I’m gonna post about it).

But sometimes if I am just not into the stuff that’s popular, I have to get creative and just write about either the first thing that comes to mind or Google some ideas. This one almost sort of came from me searching ‘winter blog ideas’ but then I realized that searching literally anything winter won’t get me in the writing mood because I live in Florida and it’s 85 degrees outside today.

In terms of fiction writing, I find that the best way for me to get back into it is to literally just re-read what I got down so far. Every single chapter and every single page is usually what does the trick for me, and while I’m re-reading I’ll end up making some corrections and taking stuff out before adding on.

I also try to think back to what inspired me to start writing in the first place, so in the case of what I am trying right now, I go back to watching some SciFi/Fantasy stuff to get me in the mood.

And of course, there is fan fiction. That’s always a little easier to get back into because its stuff that I’m a fan of. But sometimes it’s as equally as difficult as the rest – maybe even the most difficult. Sometimes creativity can get hindered for me and it makes it hard for me to go back to my normal self where all I can imagine is fandom.

I don’t know what happened to the point of this post. Creativity and writing is hard and I suck at both of them.

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