BLOGMAS: Daredevil Cancelation Thoughts

Two months ago I made a post saying I was going to essentially riot if Netflix canceled Daredevil, arguably its best performing superhero show on…


Two months ago I made a post saying I was going to essentially riot if Netflix canceled Daredevil, arguably its best performing superhero show on the service.

My friends, the time has come. It’s time to sharpen our pitch forks and get to rioting.

Daredevil getting canceled so quickly after its season three release was honestly shocking. Daredevil is the best performing of all Netflix Marvel releases and was the first and what started the train of the rest of the shows.

At first I was just angry, but then I got to thinking. What is coming out next year?

Disney’s streaming service.

With Defenders, Iron Fist and Luke Cage being shut down by Netflix, then Daredevil of all things (which I would have thought would be the last to go) I started thinking about the streaming service and what could be the cause of said cancelations.

Then I conversed with some friends and I started thinking again, are those shows really gone or did Netflix just cut the ties so that Disney and Marvel could have enough time to re-establish the contracts?

To me the answer is probably. Why else would Netflix drop some of its most successful shows from the network? Granted Netflix DID drop a bunch of other original shows that were popular, it’s safe to say that the Marvel shows were among the most popular – due to the ability for them to be as gory and R rated as they needed to be since they weren’t on a Disney network.

The shows probably will be back on Disney’s service. There’s no doubt about that anymore since it is the most reasonable explanation. But will they be able to maintain the same quality as if they were on Netflix?

Disney is all about trying to stay family friendly – anyone with a brain knows that. Daredevil isn’t exactly the most family friendly show, nor are the others (but still not on Daredevil’s level of gore).

My worry is that the quality of the shows will go down since Disney obviously won’t let them maintain that level of gore quality – unless the service makes you input an age for each user, in which case it could be fine because they can just lock Daredevil up for people over 18 and stick it with Deadpool (only if the Fox thing happens).

Now I need to prepare myself for the loss of Jessica, my true twin in nature. What do you all think about this mess? Could I be right?

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  1. This caught me off guard as well. I figured since season three was good we’d still have Daredevil for awhile, but it seems like viewership might have been low even with the positive press around the new season. I guess the bit of solace we can take from this is that the show is ending on a strong note!

  2. Netflix dropping Daredevil when it did came as something of a shock, much more so than Luke Cage and Iron Fist. I think the writing is on the wall for Punisher and Jessica Jones as well and I hope they get picked up by Disney, however I too am concerned about the family friendly nature of the disney brand, though I have heard conflicting reports that suggests maybe their new streaming service will have some more R Rated stuff, but I will believe that when I see it. It is a Shame as it was such a long wait for season 3 and things really ramped up. Fingers crossed for the future

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