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BLOGMAS: My Sims 4 Expansion Pack Ratings

This post was supposed to go up on Friday, December 7th. Marvel had other plans. Back to regularly scheduled programming!

Hello and we’re back for the last individual day of my Sims 4 ratings before the big one comes tomorrow! Today we’re talking expansions – the stuff that REALLY makes the game the game.

In terms of expansion packs, I love them ALL and this will just be the rating of my absolute favorite pack down to just what I don’t love as much. But like I said, I love them all.

6. Get to Work

New careers! I hardly ever actually go to work with my Sims because its just TO MUCH most times honestly. Sims are dumb and they don’t listen to your commands 99% of the time so you never get all the stuff done you need to get done.

5. Get Together

This was the start of clubs which are the MOST FUN thing to do – except when your friends literally just constantly invite you to them in the game. “Let’s go to alien night!” – no Jan, my Sim just gave birth so FUCK NO.

4. City Living

Apartments! Condos! This was what sold me on this pack, its so much fun to live in a big city with things to do. The apartments are kinda shitty but a lot of people often just redo them.

3. Get Famous

One of my favorite things about Sims 3 was being able to be a celebrity so when this came out I got so extra hyped that it wasn’t even funny. Not only can you become famous, you can do so many different careers that are the neatest little thing, like media production and essentially you can be a Youtuber. With this also came the update of being able to become self-employed.

2. Seasons

Snowmen! Piles of leaves! Toddler pools! There is literally nothing to not love about this pack for me. You can create your own holidays and the family calendar is something I end up reaching for all to much to see what my Sims have going on.

1. Cats and Dogs

Because PETS!!! Holy shit this was the best release for me. Even more than seasons! Its literally no secret that I love animals and so when the expansion came out I immediately made my dog. And then I got sad because he died to quickly – but that was because I literally just played nonstop.

There we go! Last expansion post done and tomorrow we rank all 26 of the games. Wish me luck.

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