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BLOGMAS: My Sims 4 Pack Ratings (Stuff, Expansion and Game)

And here we are at the end of the saga! If you haven’t already checked out the first three installments I definitley would do so right now before moving onto this one because that is where I went into more detail as to why I did or did not like each pack.

There’s just way to many here to do that so I’ll only be giving a sentence or two reasoning on this post. The other three are where you wanna go if you want more reasoning.

It took me forever and a day to do this list because my numbering was off because I kept forgetting stuff. But finally, I got it.

26. Fitness Stuff

Once more, literally and utterly useless for me. No point in getting this unless you make Sims that are active.

25. Bowling Stuff

Cute CAS but still pointless unless you make or download a bowling alley and put it in your world.

24. Outdoor Retreat

I haven’t played with this yet, so honestly this is just low on the list beause of my laziness.

23. Perfect Patio

Its got some beautiful build items but thats about it for me.

22. Romantic Garden

Its got some CUTE as heck stuff to use honestly, but thats about it. I know there are interactions but I like, don’t.

21. Dine Out

Only worth it if you actually remember to place the restruant.

20. Luxury Party

It’s got pretty CAS. That’s it.

19. Get to Work

Some new careers?? I never go to work with my Sims. Too difficult and they don’t listen when you tell them to do things.

18. Spooky Stuff

Cute just spoopy stuff

17. Spa Day

Nice stuff but like….. i forget to add the buildings (you’ll notice a pattern here)

16. Kids Room Stuff


15. Movie Night

All my sims eat is fuckin pop corn!!!

14. Vintage Glamour

Cute stuff but thats about it tbh

13. Cool Kitchen

The stuff is really neat and I use this one a lot when I get to build kitchens and what not.

12. Jungle Adventure

I didn’t think I was going to like this but i genuinley do. Its pretty fun to play around with.

11. Parenthood

It allows you to teach your children morals and shit

10. Backyard Stuff

slip and slides!!!! sprinklers!!! so much fun!

9. Laundry Day

Laundry is fun!! Having to tell your sims to start the damn machine is not.

8. Get Famous

Its a lot of work to be famous but we get free shit and people loving us. Plus we get a youtuber career essentially.

7. Toddler Stuff

It helps make toddlers a little more exciting.

6. Vampires

fun to play except when they’re dumb and stupid and go out into the sun

5. Get Together

clubs and annoying friends who always ask to go to clubs!

4. City Living

apartments!! festivals!!

3. Get Famous

why is this here twice WHICH PACK DID I FORGET

2. Seasons

Toddler pools!! Snow!! Leaves!!! So much more fun!

1. Cats and Dogs


Can you tell i’m running out of ideas for this post?? I’m tired and I’ve had a bad day so this is the best i can do for the moment.

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