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BLOGMAS: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate First Impression

We all knew this was coming, right? If not from me than from literally every other blogger you probably follow. Why? BECAUSE WE BEEN WAITING A WHILE, OKAY?

Super Smash Brothers Brawl was literally my childhood. My brothers and I would play this for hours and while when I was a kid I had basically no idea what I was doing besides button smashing, I loved it.

I still have no clue what I’m doing besides button smashing, by the way. Wanna smash buttons with me? Go to my sidebar and check out the ‘Game with Me!’ section to get my friendcode for the Switch, among other usernames for games as well!

Let’s get to it then! There will be images of the game and mild description of gameplay so if you don’t want it, don’t look. But honestly, Nintendo pretty much gave everything away.

We start out at the main screen. Lots of options. More than I can remember having in Brawl but I was also like, 10 or something so I don’t remember that.

We have Smash, Spirits, Online, Vault, and Games & More. Let’s start with the obvious.

Smash is what we all know and love. Playing with CPU’s and other players and just smashing buttons furiously until the last one standing is the last one standing. I haven’t looked at the others but if you click on them they explain it.

One thing I don’t remember if you could do earlier but you can do now is create your own rule set. So I have 3 – the default 2 and the ‘1’ which is a new one that I made to try and cheat to unlock all the characters. It kinda worked.

Yup, you have to unlock the characters. I believe in Brawl you just had them all. It’s not overly difficult to unlock them all and there are ways to cheat it- just search ‘Unlock all Smash Ultimate characters’ on Google or Youtube and you can find it. It’s something along the lines of every 10 minutes of gameplay you get the chance to battle a new one. Look it up for more specifics. 

Battling is just like normal. This one in particular I grabbed from the game is literally just like Brawl it’s not even funny. In this I was trying to battle the Ice Climbers to add them to my character list but in the end they got me.

Essentially if you unlock a character, they’ll come to battle you in Challenge Mode and you have to win to be able to play them. If you unlock in Story Mode, you get them added as well. So I got Zelda and Marth in the Story mode and now they’re in my game!

These are more of the things you can do. Classic mode is just as it sounds, you can battle one on one with a computer and the more you beat, the higher the level goes of difficulty.

Training is handy when you get a new character (or if you need a refresh on the controls) and you want to learn their abilities. I don’t really mess with the other options much.

On the blue screen you will also in the corner see a little Vault door looking icon. That means you can re-challenge and battle a character that you previously lost too while trying to add it to your rooster. I don’t know how often it shows up but I know that for me personally I check it after every time I battle someone and you can go all through your loses until it goes away again.

Online play is relatively simple. You play online. You can watch others battle if you don’t want to do it yourself, and under Smash you can create arenas to battle your friends under.

The vault is where all your stats are and such. Pretty self-explanatory to me.

And last, my favorite part of the game is the Spirits section, where you can go on an Adventure to collect Spirits and unlock Characters! This is what I have been calling Story Mode.

My map is a little more uncovered than what it starts out with because I have been playing obsessively, but basicaly you go through the map and battle characters possesed by spirits to free them, and then the spirits join your cause.

No, you don’t get the character via freeing the spirit. The Spirit is using a form of that character’s body to battle you, but the characters themselves are trapped in the world waiting for you to battle and free them.

This is how I have been unlocking my characters. I’ll play this mode for a while, save and exit it, then go back to the main screen and I’ll have a challenge approach me. To me its much easier to do this than to waste 20 minutes running back and forth, but that’s just me. I’m also a fan of stories and interacting like this mode, so it works for me. It’s a tad slower when it comes to unlocking characters, but it works for me.

I think I’ve covered almost everything. Let me know down below what you guys think of the game so far if you have it! Add me on the Switch and we can play together!

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