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BLOGMAS: Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee revisited!

Hey all! So now that I’ve beaten the game its safe to say I can say a little more about Pokemon Let’s Go other than just cute outfits. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go back to this post from a couple weeks ago and read my first review of Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee.

Now, onto the extra stuff! A lot of this will be end-game so if you don’t want spoilers for end game if you haven’t reached it yet, this post is not for you! 

So looking back at my review I discovered that I went into very little detail and honestly, it’s quite cringeworthy. I’m sorry. 

I covered a lot of the basic stuff like playing with your pokemon, how it feels, the outfits and how you can look up basically anything in the game. This time around I’m going to go into a little more detail with how I survived the game and the best guides to get you through it – starting with this entire playlist by Austin John Plays on Youtube. 

He goes into a lot of detail as to where to find the legendary birds (which are every where on the Internet at this point), hidden items, how to Shiny hunt explained PROPERLY, how to get rare Pokemon, etc. & so on. There are other Youtubers who have good stuff as well – just do a quick Google search and you’ll find them.

Image not mine. From Google cause I already have all the birds lols 

This one isn’t really end-game, but you need to make sure your Pokemon are powered up at least to level 50 before even thinking about facing any of the three Legendary birds. 

Learn from my mistake. I went after Articuno and ran because I was on my last Pokemon that was a water type and it disappeared until after I beat the game and had caught the other two.

At first it was thought that you couldn’t go back and get them once YOU ran from them, but after going through the entire game and beating it with the other two, I got Articuno thanks to Zappados. 

Eevee and I are trying to reassure ourselves that we can become the champion after getting through Victory Road.

Of course, after you go through the whole game and you beat the Elite four, beat your shit bag Rival to become the Champion,  you can finally get Mewtwo. Of course this too was leaked online and can be found pretty easily, but if you don’t cheat like I do; your rival comes to your house and tells you. 

Now, before you go in guns-a-blazing “FUCK YEAH MEWTWO!!!!” you need to remember that he is a high level Pokemon. He is at level 70 and the first time I went against him I had to quit the game (thankfully I saved before I went in) because it absolutely creamed my entire team within five minutes. 

So go around and catch Pokemon everywhere and battle all the Coach Trainers if you hadn’t already – catch some of the Pokemon actually in the cave where Mewtwo is because those are all level 50 and above.

I beat the game four days after it came out and I only JUST caught Mewtwo (at the time of publish) two days ago. 

It’s SO worth it. I got him with my Eevee single-handedly with ONE HP left before fainting. After that I masterballed the shit out of that boi and now I have a level 70 Mewtwo with almost perfect stats. 

So what else can you do after end-game? Because a Master Trainer! After you become the champion all these Master Trainers show up. They’re the master of one specific Pokemon and once you have that one kind of Pokemon you can go up against them to get the title of Master Trainer. 

For example, I just became the Eevee Master after going up against the Eevee trainer. These Pokemon are also highly skilled and are above level 70 each – yes, even the ones you wouldn’t expect to be high leveled. 

Of course there is always the topic of shiny hunting that can be done end-game and combo catching, which you can learn more about by going to the playlist I linked above – since I still don’t know a whole lot about it myself. 

There are tons of things to do End Game and I’m still figuring them out for myself. Other than completing the Pokdex, of course.

I know that you can go back to Mount Moon and the various caves and re-collect some items that appear every day, such as Pokeballs, berries, and in Cerulan Cave, master balls and ultra balls among some fossils that you can bring back to life and become Pokemon. 

Let me know down below what you guys think of the game if you’ve completed it and also – totally random – what you think of this post style. I’ve been trying to write a little more informative rather than just ranting about how I feel but also trying to include how I feel and stay true to my style. 

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