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BLOGMAS: Stardew Valley for Switch

This is going to be a little different, since there’s no point in reviewing the game since it wouldn’t be a review after a first impression kinda thing. I’ve been playing this game since August. 

But with the release of Multiplayer for Switch, I had to write at least a little something about Stardew. This is basically just going to be me talking about Stardew Valley and why I love it so much, almost like Matt from Normal Happenings’ post from The Games that Define Us – but also with my own lil twist. 

I was going to try and make this all about multiplayer for Switch, but then I realized I don’t have friends I can do multiplayer with – so that one went out the window. (If you want a friend to multiplayer with add me via my code on the side!)

I had been seeing Stardew on the internet for quite sometime. One of my favorite streamers, lilsimsie, streamed (or maybe still does sometimes) the game often and it was what got me to look into it. I also saw it on the Switch store and upon looking at it decided to just… buy it. 

I had never read up on the game, watched a stream, watched a Let’s Play, etc. I literally just decided to buy the game for my Switch and start playing. And I haven’t stopped since. It’s relaxing, easy-going, and it’s even easier to delve into for hours on end and not realize it. I often found myself staying up late in bed playing this game, going into my covers at about 8:00 and then realizing that it was approaching 11:00. 

This is another one of those games that you can basically look up anything you need to know about the game online if you have too. Since I hadn’t watched tutorials I pretty much looked up what would be best in order to get myself a game husband and worked for a week to get him. 

The thing with the switch is you can’t mod anything. So of course, it takes a little longer to do things because you can’t just cheat an item to get it. It took me months to get the community center finished on my Switch game and minutes to do it on my laptop. 

Yes, I do have it on Steam via my laptop. I like to think I play both equally but depending on my mood, I find myself playing one or the other more. For example, sometimes when I try to play on my laptop I have to fight to get it to open so I’ll give up and just go back to my Switch. I think I downloaded it on my laptop so that I could reach end-game features quickly just because I could.

Whereas on the Switch I was able to take my time, finally actually hitting end-game not to long ago. Hitting end-game on Stardew Valley doesn’t mean you start all over, in fact you can keep on going and playing for as long as you desire. Your animals never die, you never die, your farm basically lives forever. 

It’s so easy to get invested in the game, you want your farm to be the best. I literally think it just takes a piece of you and puts it into the game, making it harder and harder to stop once you begin. 

We all know that Sims is my escape from the bullshit of life, but this is my close second. When I started playing this I found it harder and harder to play Sims because I was so invested in this. 

Don’t worry, I’ve found balance. 

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