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BLOGMAS: 5 Fandoms That Shaped Me

Coming up with today’s post was a pain in the ass – as I documented on Twitter. I have 3 posts in my drafts, Supernatural post and 2 WhoReviews. Supernatural isn’t coming until tomorrow or Sunday and I don’t want to overdo it on the WhoReviews since I finally just did one, so I had a bit of a problem coming up with something for today. Obviously, I thought of something.

Taken right from 5 Fandom Friday, I figured this would be a good idea to blog about! 5 Fandom Friday was started by Megan Elvrum a couple years ago where every Friday we listed 5 things geeky in a post (essentially). 

I never partook in it really, until today. There’s a lot of good prompts there and since I wanted to attempt to stay nerdy, I thought this would be perfect!

1. Harry Potter

The very, very, very first nerdy thing I ever got in to was Harry Potter. I was a little late to the hype train for Harry Potter and I believe I only started reading it when Deathly Hallows part one came out – or rather the school year before it came out. 

Harry Potter has truly, actually made me into the person I am today. When I started reading the books, I would read the book and then watch the corresponding movie. And I literally think that doing that is what made me love film and movies so much. 

I always say that Harry Potter is the reason why I want to do movies and entertainment production. Seeing magic come to life from page to screen is something absolutely incredible and I hope that I can literally achieve that someday.

2. Marvel

Second was Marvel, and this is on the list above Star Wars (yes, everyone is probably shocked Star Wars wasn’t #1) because it was the first fandom that I really invested into. Sure, everybody was into Harry Potter regardless of gender, but when I started getting into Marvel it was a rarity to see a girl talking actively among the guys. 

And this was only 2011. 

It also helped me make many new friends and come out of my comfort zone. Marvel helped me come out of my shell in terms of nerd-dom and allowed me to tell people “I’m a nerd and I am PROUD!!!”

3. Star Wars

Yes, this rests at 3. Sorry, dad.

I’ve always loved Star Wars, but only started really getting into it in 2015 with the release of The Force Awakens. The story behind why Star Wars shaped me isn’t as meaningful a Harry Potter, but I believe it still does impact me. 

Not only does it make me more proud to be a nerd, but it also just amplifies all of my passions. Star Wars just reminds me why I love fantasy and scifi – because it’s badass. The movies are pretty much classics in my book but also are so entertaining that I just can’t help but put Star Wars on the list. 

Plus, space is bad-ass! It’s helped me open up more creativity in my life and even influenced part of my novel that I’m trying to write. 

4. Internet-dom

This is a very, very strange one. Because it’s weird to say the internet has influenced me, but it has. Somehow, the Internet has helped me become a more open person and helped me dig deep into my personality. 

Which is deadpan satirical memes.

….. this one made a lot more sense in my mind, okay?

5. Doctor Who

It took me a while to think of something to put for the last one…. but then an advertisement for Doctor Who on BBC America came on the TV and I almost hit myself for not thinking of Doctor Who sooner. 

Of all shows!! Where you are taught to be yourself!!! That weird is okay, and adventure is everywhere!! Plus, we can’t forget about the fact that the 13th Doctor is literally monumental and perfect in just about every way I can imagine. Doctor Who has a lot of lessons in it, but the main one that I can take away is that being odd and different is fun and okay. 

A very, very close runner up would have to be Supernatural, simply for the fact that the community is amazing. Other communities would have to be the blogging community I’ve found myself in, some graphics forum communities and lastly, the community of Tryceratops based off of Youtube’s The Try Guys. 

But we were talking about Fandoms, not communities. And I think it’s safe to say that these take the cake, quite honestly. 

What are your top 5 fandoms that shaped you?

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