BLOGMAS REVIEW: Lego Harry Potter on the Switch!

Hello everyone! We have a game review coming to you! It might be a short and sweet review because the LEGO games are classics and…


Hello everyone! We have a game review coming to you! It might be a short and sweet review because the LEGO games are classics and we all know and love them.

But I’ve never played one! I have LEGO Hobbit for my Nintendo DS and I’ve played it for a little bit – but I saw that Harry Potter LEGO was coming out on the Switch and I managed to score it on Black Friday for 50% off – instead of costing $50 it cost me $25.

Yes, it was originally $50 but its for ALL 8 GAMES! I’ve only just completed the first year and i’m pretty sure I bombed it and barely scraped by, but I think you can go back to get a better rating.

Read on below to see my first impression on the game.

So first of all, I never played the original. I know, i know. I said it in my post last Friday but I was late to the Harry Potter train and got into gaming only recently.

First of all, this shit took four hours to download onto my Switch. I didn’t get a physical copy and I should have because it probably would have taken me less time to download stuff if I had done that. And it took up pretty much all the space I had on my Switch, making me have to offline a lot of other things.

I’ve warned that this is probably going to be short since I have only gone through the first story – sorry folks but Smash came out. I can speak on the first story, how difficult it is to play, etc.

The story of the first book hits all the main points, but with anything of course it falls short on the actual details.

It’s very fun to play and very quickly addicting, but I think that some of it is harder than it should be. I find it kind of overly difficult to find some things hidden inside of items that I’ve definitely already checked.

The controls aren’t hard to get used too, I just think that finding items that you need to move forward is waaaay more difficult than it should be. And if it’s true like any game, it only gets harder and harder as the levels progress.

It took me 20 minutes to get through the first chapter of the second story because I went over the damn couch three times and on the fourth time Ginny fucking popped up.

God dammit, Ginny.

Like I’ve said, sorry this is short but this is about the best I can do for this. I wanted it to be more, but since Smash came out and I’ve gotten further in Pokemon I neglected this game.

I’ll come back in a few weeks(ish) with another longer post and hopefully by then I’ve gotten at least halfway through the story!

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